The children’s allergic cough. The signs and treatment of the children’s allergic cough

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Everyone knows that the health should be carefully monitored, especially when it comes to the health of the child. It is important to identify the disease at a very early stage, to prevent the development of complications and chronic diseases. The children‘s cough is a very common action, and often it is assumed that the child has a cough which appears only due to the colds. However, in reality, a sudden, paroxysmal, suffocating, “barking” cough, a child may has as a result of an allergic reaction. Moreover, children ‘s allergic cough is  a very common symptom of the children’s  allergies.

The first signs of an intensive allergic reaction of the body may appear even in infancy. Moreover, this reaction could be on the most ordinary household objects, animals, food. It is very important for parents to not miss this reaction. The children’s allergic cough is the most possible, if at birth the baby suffered a diathesis. Then in his body the allergic threshold of the alertness has clearly exceeded. The presence in the air, even the most microscopic allergens can cause severe allergic attacks of coughing.

The signs of the children’s allergic cough

Often the children’s cough is one of the most striking symptoms of allergies. However, it can be quite difficult to distinguish the children’s allergic cough from a cold. The common cough is accompanied by a runny nose, sore throat, and a slight fever. The ‘s allergic cough  is not a disease. It is a harbinger or symptom of a bronchial asthma, and only one symptom of the common allergic diseases. The effect on the upper respiratory tract of different allergen provokes it. Allergic attacks of coughing can be connected with an inflammation of the mucous membranes in the throat, trachea and bronchi.

The signs of the children’s allergic cough

In combination with the same allergic runny nose, a child’s allergic cough creates serious problems in the respiratory system. The signs of a child’s allergic cough – it’s its appearance in the specific circumstances, that is, the dry child‘s allergic cough in the presence of the allergen. The first thing to do when it appears – it is to try as soon as possible to be as far as possible from the causative agent, of course, if you know what is an allergy of your children.

The signs of a child’s allergic cough more often can be as follows:

  • paroxysmal, barking child’s cough begins suddenly,
  • prolonged attacks of allergic cough,
  • dry children’s allergic cough may take up to 2-3 weeks without a fever, but with a cold,
  • children‘s allergic cough, its symptoms appear mostly at night, it is rather a nocturnal cough, which terminates in the daytime,
  •  it is often a strong night children‘s cough. But if there is mucus, then it is transparent in appearance that has no impurities of pus.
  • also symptoms of allergic children’s cough is the form of itching in the nose and throat, and sneezing.
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The signs of a child’s allergic cough may be different and depend directly on the specific type of allergy. With equally likely it can be the children’s allergic to even ordinary house dust, flowering trees, grass, fur of pets or be a reaction of the children  organism to the foreign protein entering with the vaccine, serum, plasma, into his body.

We can say exactly only one thing: the sooner you realize that a child’s cough is not just colds, the better. It is a fact that the child’s allergic cough it is a risks to face with the  occurrence and development, for the start,  of the  bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, and then, in the end, of the bronchial asthma.

 What is the difference between the children’s allergic cough and the bronchitis and the pertussis 

It is important to know the difference allergic cough from the  cough, which is caused by diseases of the upper respiratory tract: bronchitis and pertussis.

As you know, usually a child’s allergic cough is not accompanied by sputum, it is not wet. It is a dry, barking child’s cough, where the sputum separates very difficult. Before the attacks of allergic cough starts, the kid might complain about that he breathes heavily and he does not have enough air. This symptom indicates about a mild degree of the suffocation. This state is formed by the edema of mucosal of the larynx and bronchi.


The main feature – when children have a dry allergic cough. The mucous membrane that protects the respiratory tract is unable to cope with the allergen, because of what the laryngeal edema begins. That is why before the attack of allergic cough, the breathing is difficult and the lack of air is felt. In addition, there are a number of features that can help you distinguish the symptoms of a child’s allergic cough:

  • There is no a sharp increase of the body temperature during this cough.
  • The attacks of allergic cough become worse when the child sleeps on the down pillow and when the pets appearance.
  • The exacerbations of such children’s allergy occur seasonal, often in the winter and summer months, as the kids spend a lot of time at home, in a closed room.
  • If your child takes antiallergenic medication, such as, for example “Suprastin”, “Tavegil”, “Diazolin” attacks of the  allergic cough will stop and  terminate

 Treatment of the children’s  allergic cough  

As it is clear, the symptoms of the children’s allergic cough indicate on the reaction of the child’s body to some particular an external irritant. That is the main thing how to cure a child’s cough  – it’s to get rid of the allergen or of the body’s reaction to the allergen. As for the determination of the cause, provoking the attacks of allergic cough and other symptoms of the children allergies, to identify it by yourself  it is quite difficult. When children’s allergy is caused by foods you should track, on which specific products children have an allergy and gradually try to remove from the diet all allergic foods.

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Treatment of the children’s allergic cough

If you notice signs of a child’s allergic cough, you should exclude from food, and places his whereabouts all possible allergens. Always ventilate the room before going to sleep, the baby should sleep in the coolness. Regularly remove any dust. Solve the question with pets, or with a child allergy to them.

It is recommended several times a day to rinse the throat and mouth with warm water, especially after returning from the street to the house. A well wash with warm water a nasopharynx and a nose once or twice per day.

How to remove attack of allergic cough? 

It is quite simply to remove attacks of the children’s allergic cough with the modern antihistamines medications. Of course, the self-selection of these drugs strongly isn’t encouraged and only the qualified physician can appoint them.

Usually, if at the initial moment of an attack of allergic cough child is injected by “Suprastin” then the cough might stop after 5-10 minutes. If child take the same drug in tablet form, the improvement of his condition will come about 20 minutes later. The action of  “Suprastin” lastes an average of 12 hours in a row. After this medicine is completely cleared from the body through sweat and urine.

It is important to understand that for the effectiveness of prevention of the children’s allergic cough to take simply the various antihistamines it is not sufficient. It is necessary the  complex therapy

 The  diagnostics of the children’s allergy 

It is necessary to consult a doctor after the decline of the attack. The baby needs to pass the studies to determine the allergens. The technique is similar to the inoculation – doctors make sample, ensuring contact of the baby‘s body with the possible allergens, and monitor the reaction.

As soon as the allergens will be identified, it is necessary to protect the child from them as much as possible what to do, unfortunately, is very difficult. The allergens found not only alone in food products, they can accumulate in carpets, collect in the bed linen. An aerosol, air freshener, detergent, household cleaning products, mother’s perfumes – all this can easily cause such a non-standard reaction of a small organism like children’s allergies. The identification of allergens in the treatment of allergic cough is very important because there is always a risk of complications of allergic cough in more serious disease. For example, diseases such as the chronic bronchitis with an asthmatic or wheeze component which are capable of go into asthma.

 The treatment of the children’s allergic coughs and allergies

The treatment of the children’s allergies and its symptoms that include cough, an allergist, together with a dietitian should appoint.

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The diagnostics of the children’s allergy

Before starting the treatment of allergic cough, you need to make a full diagnosis for the identification of potential allergens and try to eliminate them from the children’s goods.

An important nuance in the treatment of allergic cough is accounting the threat of possible transition of this symptom in chronic form, to avoid complications.

The appointment of these drugs – responsible thing, because many of them act on the psyche, the nervous system, and may have a narcotic component. This means that the answer to the question, “how to cure a child’s cough if it is a symptom of allergy” can be given only by the specialist.

There are folk ways how to cure a child ‘s cough , to facilitate the symptoms and to improve the general condition of the patient:

  • Several times a 24 hours, every day it is  necessary to carry out the rinse of the nasopharynx and mouth with warm water, especially after going to the streets. Sometimes water can be added very little sea salt.
  •  In combination with the medicines prescribed by your doctor, the traditional medicine recommends the use of a medicinal collection of honey, bay leaf tree and baking soda. The main thing is that the child did not have allergies to none of the components, allergy to honey is a very often phenomenon. It  is  necessary to boil the laurel leaves for five minutes, then add a tablespoon of honey, and the same amount of baking soda. To take these means it is necessary one quarter cup a day when there is bouts of coughing.

One way or another, but the therapy of allergy and the treatment of allergic cough, process is very long. Parents need to be ready to deal with this disease more than one year. Therefore, it is important to prevent its development.

Ideally, the prevention of the allergic cough should start early as the waiting period of the baby. To refuse during pregnancy of allergenic foods at all, or to significantly reduce their use. As much as possible, and often walk in the fresh air.

After the birth of the baby closely monitor the state of his skin. At the slightest suspicion of a diathesis, immediately contact your doctor. Do not take diathesis, as something normal, normal for children!

Necessarily make  at home daily wet cleaning, ventilate the room. If possible, isolate the pets or even to shield constant direct contact – do not allow the animal sleep together with the baby, the rest and lick where baby sleeps, plays, eats.

And remember, any manifestation of the child’s allergy – this is a very alarming symptom that can be subsequently cause severe illness. The kids health is precious! Love and take care of your own family!

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