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Confume Argan Hair Treatment Mist Review

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Welcos Confume Argan Treatment Hair Mist 200 ml

Hello ladies

Confume Argan Hair Treatment Mist
I’ve received a lot of questions like “What do you use for your hair?” after last Instagram photo) I once again I’m going to share my secret with you.

I think that many of us, or it’s better to say that almost everyone is disturbed by fuzz on head. It can be protruding ends, but growing hairs, which look like small antennas trying to establish connection with the cosmos) Of course I’m really happy with them, but my haircut looks less accurate, that’s why I decided to find a light and indelible product, which can remove this problem)

So, here we are: Welcos Confume Argan Treatment Hair Mist.

It looks like an elongated bottle from dark green transparent plastic, repeating the style of argan oil, which I described earlier. There is spray dispenser, which creates the lightest cloud of product and cap, which I will lose really soon) The product itself looks like water, having same consistence and transparent color.

Confume Argan Hair Treatment Mist

What the manufacturer Welcos promises and claims:

Valuable argan oil by 80% consists of the unsaturated fatty acids which are essential nutrients for hair. Furthermore, this oil contains high concentration of natural antioxidants – polyphenols and tocopherols that protect against the damaging effects of free radicals. Due to such ingredients list, argan oil has complex restoring and care effects, as well as intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair, making them strong and shiny. Hair spray with argan oil moisturizes and protects dry and coarse hair throughout the day. It helps in combing, does not weigh down the hair, making them healthy and shiny. It is suitable for colored and uncolored hair, dry, normal and coarse hair. In addition to the oil it contains: a set from noni fruit; mangosteen; barberry; sea buckthorn; assai.
Applying: Apply of clean dry or wet hair from 15-20 cm distance. Don’t wash your hair after that.

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What can I add from myself: this spray is really unique, when you don’t want to make your hair heavier by using oils. Nice and light aroma will not affect your perfume and will disappear really fast. Shop consultant advised me to use it as thermal protector, which only increased my love to this product. The hair is not greasy, and it is absorbed in a few minutes. But the greatest advantage is that it removes fuzz from the head and can take control above even the most strongest hair. I apply spray on hair after washing, continuing to dry it with natural brush, because this product facilitates combing of wet hair. Or I can also use it throughout the day to moisturize my hair in such hot weather.

The product line has 2 types of the spray: first one is for me – for dry and damaged hair (I use only similar products, because I believe that they give more effectiveness, but maybe it’s just marketing), and second one is for colored hair.
Hair photo. Combed with natural brush and spray usage:

Confume Argan Hair Treatment Mist
Welcos Confume Argan Treatment Hair Mist 200 ml

Confume Argan Hair Treatment Mist

Love your hair and they will give it back to you, I’m Alya and you can just say “you”)

P.S. Girls, tell me about products of this brand that you have used!

I’m really curious about shampoo and mask. All the products of this brand, which I have tested, gave me only pleasure and joy.

Period of testing: 1 month
My Rating: it’s definitive 5 Stars

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