5 Ways to make your elopement day special

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Brides and grooms are choosing to elope for their weddings at a rate faster than ever before. Maybe it has something to do with the pandemic and the uncertainty of when couples will be able to have their weddings in the current climate, or perhaps it is a trend towards minimalism, simplicity and intimacy, whatever the reasons, couples are opting to tie the knot in an intimate, usually spontaneous ceremony, known as elopement day.

Are you a bride that is considering eloping with your groom?

Some may have the concept that a spontaneous, private wedding may be quick, simple and lacking in lustre, but what people often don’t realise is that by eloping and choosing to have a small wedding, there are ways to make your wedding even more special than if you have lots of guests, not to mention the money you would have saved by not inviting hundreds of guests, that you can use to splurge on your elopement and honeymoon!

This article looks at 5 ways that you can make your elopement the most special and memorable event, after all, it is your wedding day!

  1. Choose an epic location
  2. The guest list
  3. Privacy
  4. Your dream wedding look
  5. An elopement photographer

Choose an epic location for your elopement day

The location of your elopement is one of the most exciting decisions to be made. You can practically choose anywhere in the world for the simple reason that it is just you and a couple of witnesses that will need to travel, you are not asking all your family and friends to pay for expensive airline tickets, you only have to organise your own way there.

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In choosing an epic location for your wedding, you will want to consider the season in the location of your choice, the accessibility to the specific location you want to hold the ceremony and the costs involved.

By hiring a wedding planner in your chosen location, they can take care of the logistics of organising a ceremony at your dream location. Especially if you are eloping internationally, it could be a great investment to hire a local wedding planner, this way you can delegate the brunt of the organisation to someone who is there and already has connections to professionals in the wedding industry.

The guest list for your elopement wedding day

Perhaps the best part whilst planning an elopement wedding is the guest list, or lack thereof. Depending on the country and state that you get married in, there will be requirements to have witnesses at your ceremony to fulfill legal requirements. It is up to you if you want these witnesses to be your parents, closest friends, or maybe even strangers. 

In such an intimate wedding such as an elopement, the small amount of people there gives an opportunity for a truly private experience. It may be hard to choose who to invite, or perhaps it is an obvious choice, either way, the magic of an elopement comes down to how intimate the event can be with a very small guest list. In the end, choose people to be your witnesses that you absolutely would love to share this day with, people that love and respect you and your fiancé as well as your decision to elope.

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Elopement in Privacy

This element may or may not be so important in making your elopement special. Some couples opt for an elopement for the privacy that this type of event can offer, others are find to be in a busy place, as long as they feel somewhat anonymous because they don’t really know anyone there.

To add more privacy to your elopement, consider only informing your very close family or friends of your intentions to elope, this may help to protect your relationships if you think that they will be hurt that they weren’t part of your ceremony. Beyond this immediate group of loved ones, keep your secret and spontaneous elopement a secret, after all, that is part of the exciting magic of getting married in this way.

Your dream wedding look on your elopement day

How you look and feel on your wedding day is an important element of helping your wedding day feel special. With the money that you are saving by not hosting a large wedding, you can splurge on buying the dress of your dreams, having your hair and makeup done professionally and complete the bridal look as well as the backdrop with stunning floral arrangements.

Delegate to a wedding makeup artist and hair stylist to make sure that you love the way you look on your big day. Ideally, delegate this to local professionals who will have all the tools and products needed to complete your look, as well as the fact that you won’t need to pay for a large travel fee as they will be local to your ceremony.  For example, if you are eloping to the fabulous destination of Sydney, look for a recommended wedding hair and makeup artist in Sydney that can meet you via video beforehand, this will enable you to discuss your look, and for the artist to gather everything they need to make sure that when you meet them in person, they are ready to complete your dream bridal look.

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An elopement photographer

Having someone to capture every special moment, every candid smile and tear, is an important aspect of your elopement. Because you will be sharing this event with just yourselves and a couple of witnesses, having stunning wedding photos that you are proud of and feel that they capture the essence of your experience is so important to be able to share this with your friends and family back home.

An elopement photographer is a wedding photographer that specialises in elopements. The benefit of having someone that has done many of these projects before, means that they know how to capture the intimacy of this day. Have a look through reviews and the gallery of your potential photographers to make sure that their style suits yours.

With these 5 ways to make your elopement day special, your wedding day will be more special and intimate than you could ever have dreamed of! 

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