A home balanced according to Feng Shui: basic rules

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To make your entire home assist you in achieving your goals and help the successful fulfillment in all areas of your life, you should follow a few simple rules …

Feng Shui experts recommend to minimize the negative impact of the angles, problematic objects in front of your windows and improper planning. We’ll tell you how to do it.

View out of your window

The home will be ideal only in case if you yourself have chosen the land for construction, adapted the project according to the rules of Feng Shui and related the layout of the rooms with the located sectors, “responsible” for these or other aspects of life. If you live in an apartment or have moved into a ready-made cottage, be sure to find something that interferes with the harmonious flow of Qi energy or even destroys it. You can and have to change it, however.

View out of your window

The first thing that you should consider is the view out of your windows. If there is a power line 15 meters in front of your windows, there are no trees, another house stands close to yours or there is a construction site in a view, it negatively affects the energy of your home.

In order to neutralize the Sha (negative energy), it is recommended to keep plants on the windowsill, absorbing the negative energy: geranium, basil or cactus (the more hostile the environment outside of your window is, the longer should be the cactus’ pines).

In addition, it is preferable to hang a Bagua mirror on every window with its reflective side out. They do not allow negative energy to enter your home, making the general atmosphere of the premises better.

A wind chime would be also a good defender. A Chinese pagoda with 5th or 7th tubes as well as a bell, decorated with feathers are best suited for a window. In this case, the material of which it will be made is not so important. The main thing is that you like the sound of this “musical instrument”.

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Angles, mirrors and wall color

Multiple sharp angles also affect the house energy in a negative way. It is of course impossible to remove them. You can’t remodel the square and rectangular furniture into the round one, but it is possible to easily neutralize their effects. Hang little crystal balls on the chandeliers or lamps and put round vases on the tables. This way you would balance the flow of positive and negative energy, and there will be much more favorable events in your life.

mirrors and wall color

To not aggravate the negative energy flow, you need to properly select the mirrors location. Do not hang them so that they would reflect objects with sharp corners. Best of all, if the mirror doubles the number of useful things: round boxes with jewelry, house plants, sets of dishes. This not only strengthens the Qi, but increases your well-being, as well as contributes to the attainment of peace of mind.

The color of the walls will also help to stabilize the energy situation. If you have too many sharp angles in one room, as well as if there is an abundance of knives, forks and other pointed objects your kitchen that you do not put away, it is best to use yellow wall paneling. They perform several functions: visually enlarge the space, make the room look sunny and joyful, calm the nervous system and neutralize the flow of Sha.

Green color would also help to balance the energy flow. But here it is important to remember that light green and grassy-green contribute to the health, give a charge of vivacity, while dark green, intensive emerald green and bottle-green, on the contrary, relax. That means it’s the color that is perfect for bedrooms and living area, while it would ruin the business mood in an office.

The layout

In an ideal house where everything is constructed to the principles of Feng Shui, each room should be on it’s right place:

  • In the north, the career area, and in the south, the glory and personal fulfillment sector, it is best to have the study.
  • In the west, the area of children and creativity, it is preferable to make a child’s room or an art studio.
  • In the east, in the sector of family and health, it is recommended to have a living room and a kitchen.
  • The center of your house is also a great place for a room, which brings together all members of the household, and in which you are receiving guests (but not for a kitchen).
  • In the north-west, the assistants and travel area, it is better to make a storage room for household appliances, as well as sports and tourist equipment – bicycles, balls, tents, etc., but it’s not advisable to place a washing machine here.
  • In the north-east sector of wisdom and knowledge place a library or equip your child’s space where he or she can do homework. In addition, it is the most suitable place for your computer.
  • In the south-west is the sector of love and marriage. So it is the ideal place for a bedroom.
  • In the southeast, the area of wealth, it is good to equip an office, a safe, and a workplace, but neither a kitchen or a fireplace.
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As mentioned above, this is the perfect placement of rooms, but in reality one can rarely follow the principles of Feng Shui to the word. Besides, in apartment buildings the indicated sectors might be occupied by closets, bathrooms, toilets and entryways. And that’s why it makes sense to activate the desired zone in available places instead of remodeling the building. Often, it is enough to simply rearrange the furniture in order to achieve the positive effect.

the principles of Feng Shui

For example, if you do not have a separate bedroom, put a sofa on which you sleep in the far right corner of the room. Arrange your workplace (desk, computer) in the middle of the wall opposite from the entrance or in the far left corner of the room. Place the dining table in the center of the left side of the kitchen or a living room. This way you would follow the basic rules of Feng Shui without making any changes to the layout of your home.

5 tips on arranging your house according to the Feng Shui

Clean up

Always keep your house clean. The sharp angles and unfavorable objects outside the window are not so damaging to the smooth flow of Qi as the accumulation of unnecessary things and dirt under the beds and wardrobes.

house clean

Use talismans

Activate the zones with the help of Feng Shui talismans, affirmations and items related to the elements, which belong to one or another sector.Activate the zones with the help of Feng Shui talismans

Activate one or more zones

If you are just starting to organize your home according to Feng Shui principles, it is not necessary to activate immediately all the zones. Start with those related to the areas in which you currently have problems. It is better to work on other sectors only when you have fully set everything in those over which you have worked recently.

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 Activate one or more zones

Be sensible

Do not overload the sectors with talismans. Each of these “magic helpers” carries its meaning, that is, they have different functions, and an excessive amount of them can easily lead to confrontation with each other. That means, instead of the expected help you would get trouble of unknown origin.

Wipe the dust more often

Make sure to not let the dust accumulate on talismans, houseplants, tags with affirmations and other attributes that you use to enhance a particular area. It provokes congestion in your affairs and obstacles in spheres where everything went smoothly before that.

 Wipe the dust more often

It is not enough to simply arrange your house according to the rules of Feng Shui and relax, waiting for a positive change. We need to work on our lives to actively pursue our goals. If you wait until everything arranges itself, Feng Shui would not help you. Qi energy only creates favorable circumstances. Will you be able to take advantage of them or not, depends entirely on you.

Is your home well-balanced according to the Feng Shui rules?

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