Luxury gloss from Lancome L’Absolu Rouge №250 Review

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Make-up in beige tones is a very universal and most suitable for spring-summer season. Its main advantage is that with the help of a palette of natural shades you can create the most natural look that the hottest time of year is especially important. For me such make-up doesn’t have a season.

And that is why going to the beauty shop, the first thing that falls on my view is the shades of color nude. Today, my review will focus on one of these beautiful

Luxury gloss from Lancome L'Absolu Rouge №250 7

Packing: It is an elegant bottle made of high-quality black plastic with engraved logo in the form of a rose at its base. The design is pretty laconic, but my preferences, beauty is in simplicity. Handy addition is a magnetic latch that provides assurance that the lipstick will stay kept and safe a long time in your purse.

Luxury gloss from Lancome L'Absolu Rouge №250 6

Color and texture: # 250 is a soft beige shade with tiny, barely visible particles of shimmer. Incredible beauty glimmering tone, gives lips expressiveness and sensuality. This shade is perfect for easy, everyday makeup and quite harmoniously will complement evening make-up with emphasis on the eyes. This lipstick has a nice, creamy texture. When you apply it, it literally melts on the lips as a result of creating uniform, thin coating. It looks very delicately.

Among the few drawbacks it is necessary to separate out the fragrance: it is powdery, but very intrusive. For my sense of smell it was very sugary. Especially strongly it was coming from the stick and when it is applied but on the lips themselves the it isn’t felt. (thankfully!)

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Luxury gloss from Lancome L'Absolu Rouge №250 5

Application: The use of lipstick, is a pleasure. One-touch pigment completely covers the native color of the lips, two or more – becomes more intense finish, the color is similar to that presented in the vial. It sits on the lips smoothly, it does not escape for their contour and it does not spread.

Resistance: It perfectly keeps on the lips for 3-4 hours. It does not roll into a strip at the base of the lips and it does not lose its original color. The lips comes off very gently and smoothly. The qualities for care have not been noticed, as well as the fact that the lipstick can to dry the lips (as was mentioned in many reviews on the Internet)



Luxury gloss from Lancome L'Absolu Rouge №250 4

Luxury gloss from Lancome L'Absolu Rouge №250 3

Luxury gloss from Lancome L'Absolu Rouge №250 2

Luxury gloss from Lancome L'Absolu Rouge №250 1

Term of use: 1 month

Price: $27.00

Rating: 5

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