Intelligent and ethereal Gucci Luxurious Moisture-rich Lipstick # 320 Ethereal

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Hi there! I was no longer seen on the Top Wellness Life , but I continue to watch over our favorite site.

As the approach to the make-up has changed greatly over the past three years. We have a minimalism as a trend now. And the beauty lies in a nice well-groomed skin, a healthy complexion, a fresh look and natural colors.

Maybe someone does not like it, but I do not pretend to be the guru – this is my opinion. So, returning to the subject of our conversation today I want to tell you about a lipstick which lives with me enough time and I can not get enough satisfaction of it. Full name: Gucci Luxurious Moisture-rich Lipstick # 320 Ethereal, the name is said us that the lipstick is ether, air …
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I was just looking for a lipstick that has a very low-key color, that was as close as possible to the natural color of the lips, that was sufficiently dense, creamy but, in short, that it was moderate in all.

And then the Gucci collection came out, I do not remember this winter? And I ordered it.

Many words have already said about the packaging and the bottle itself, I do not see any reason to repeat, chic … gold … logos … well, beautiful, yes, but a little too much, as for me … but the most important fact in the contents.?
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Color is ideal for Slavic women – this is exactly balanced Nude with equal shares of warm beige and cool pink color perfectly adapts to the color of the lips.

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Whether it is good? Yeah, well, it looks very reserved, it is suitable for any major event, in any educational institution, for a special event … you will always look decent. And the most important, you will be able to rely on it in their characteristics completely. About this below.

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My opinion:

-A perfect color

– Balanced nude for all seasons

– Dense coating on the first application

– Creamy texture

– It does not dry the lips

– It does not roll

– It keeps up to 4 hours

– It stand tea / coffee and a bun

– Coming off a nice, easy absorbed

– A sharp beveled cut lipstick comfortable in a fast application directly from the stick

– High-quality packaging


Minuses: – Everyone knows that the feature of these lipsticks – blue chocolate fragrance, or some special out there, so this taste makes me a little annoying because it keeps accurate time, so if you are sensitive to fragrance – be aware of this. – The price is still too high, the real price of it, even though the color they made is very cool – $ 35


Intelligent and ethereal Gucci Luxurious Moisture-rich Lipstick.files 4

Price: $ 39 plus tax\

Term of use: from January 2015

Rating: 5.

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