How to apply false eyelashes?

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Lush long eyelashes are always a splendid sight. Your eyes are expressive and your gaze is charming.

But not all women have gorgeous eyelashes by nature. Which means they try to make them attractive with the help of false eyelashes.

False eyelashes look perfect, just don’t buy unnaturally long and lush ones.

Of course, use only the glue intended for the eyelashes, or skin on the eyelids would be permanently damaged, which is not the worst compared to your eyes … You should take care of them!

False eyelashes look perfect

Using an eyeliner after gluing lashes is necessary to make sure the glue line is not visible and to mask any glue if you have accidentally overdid it. It is better to use a liquid eyeliner for that, so as not to displace or peel the lashes. And don’t forget to apply mascara to your natural eyelashes before gluing the false ones.

Classic black lashes would be ideal for an evening makeup. They effectively highlight the depth of your gaze, visually enlarge the eyes, beneficially complimenting their color, and generally make your eyes more expressive.
False eyelashes are hand-made from natural hair and have remarkable quality, softness and ease of use.

You can find great variety of the false eyelashes in beauty shops: they can be of different density, color and even decorated with rhinestones and other accessories. And if you choose them right and apply correctly it will be impossible to distinguish them from your natural ones.

False eyelashes

False eyelashes in clusters are very fine and delicate, impossible to distinguish from the natural ones and are glued on a special adhesive that becomes transparent after it dries up. At the end of your holiday they can always be carefully removed without damaging your own eyelashes.
False eyelashes are usually come with an included adhesive.

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Eyelashes glue

Mod Lash Adhesive is considered a good one. It is used for application of the false eyelashes. It is a harmless latex-based glue, which will hold the eyelashes until you remove them. It comes in clear and dark colors. Transparent glue(or sometimes called white) becomes invisible when it completely dries up. Eyelashes glue

It is universal and is used most often. The dark colored glue has the same composition as the translucent one, but when dry it becomes almost black, making the base (strip) of the artificial eyelashes almost invisible on the eyelid and helps it to merge with your natural lashes.

Beauticians recommend the eyelashes glue

Glue for eyelashes black “Navy”, glue (resin) for eyelashes Lash’s (10 mL), Eyelash Glue, eyelashes glue with a brush “Seven Star .”

How to apply false eyelashes?

  • Using a pair of tweezers, carefully pick up the lashes on one side.
  • Try on whether the length is suitable for your eyelids (if it is too long, cut the excess part).
  • Glue the lashes close to the roots of your natural eyelashes. Usually you can already apply makeup in a few minutes.apply false eyelashes
  • Carefully take the eyelashes strip and apply adhesive. Wait for 30 seconds until it becomes sticky.
  • Apply a strip of false eyelashes as close as possible to the natural ones and stick to your skin with a neat light pressure.
  • Apply eyeliner, preferably using a liquid once as the eyelashes are designed for multiple use.
  • After removing the false lashes apply adhesive at their strip and put on a plastic base on which they were sold (if you store them they will retain their shape and appearance for long) Warning! Never apply glue directly to your eyelids.
  • The lashes are applied after the make up. Gently apply the lashes to the eyelid and see if their length fits you- eyelashes should start at the inner corner of the eye and not go beyond the outer one. If the eyelashes are too long, trim them to get suitable length.
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