How to get rid of side and belly fat?

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Which exercises and diets are useful to reduce side and bell fat? Today, a body – building coach and fitness trainer share his recommendations with us.

A balanced diet

Which products should we exclude in order to grow thin? Lots of researches prove that the reason of the fat in our body is carbohydrates which, in fact, are useless. Let’s learn more about such products: stones, piroshky, cakes. All these products should be excluded! However, our body needs carbohydrates anyway, so how can we get them? Eat grain crops and vegetables and stop consuming fruits within the period you keep this diet.

vegetable salad

The main dish, which is very useful and lets to become thin, is a vegetable salad. Choose tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage, dressed with a little amount of olive oil. We advise you to eat Chinese cabbage, as it needs less time to be digested. Moreover, this cabbage is tastier. A low – cal salad, rich in fatty tissue, will help you to forget about some caloric protein products.

As to bread, it’s better to exclude it. You can eat only a bit of grain or crisp bread. Such product contains a lot of fatty tissue and it’s caloric value is low. One crispbread slice contains about 14 kcal.

As to meat products, such diets recommend to choose low – cal non – fat sorts of meat (poultry meat). Buy chicken or turkey. If you need to train your muscles and your belly, then you need about 200 gm of meat a day. Eat this amount 5 times a day (40 gm for one food intake). Keep on mind than 5 food intakes is the minimum, which is required to get thin! Fat people may eat small portions 6 – 7 times a day.

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If you want to become thin and grow muscles at the same time, then eat carbohydrates every other day. However, be careful with proteins as you can change your metabolism. The first sign of incorrect metabolism functioning is acetone smell from one’s mouth and weakness. In this case, add and increase the amount of carbohydrates.

Physical activity

Daily exercises to get rid of side and belly fat:

  • Lie down on a floor. Bend you knees and hold tight a towel between your legs. Lift slightly the trunk and shoulder blades and compress the towel at the same time. Stop in this position for a second. Take a deep breath while lifting up your trunk and exhale when you lower your body.
  • Lie down on your back and raise your legs up to 60˚ – 70 ˚ and bend them. Put your hands behind the head. Now perform twisting movements. If you need to intensify the load, stretch your arms along the body when you lift up the trunk. If you feel a strong tension then left the legs a bit upper.
  • Combine the first and the second exercises. The initial position is on the floor. Lift up your trunk and stretch your legs and hands at the same time up to 60˚ – 70˚.

Daily exercises to get rid of side and belly fat

How to get rid of side and belly fat within 2 weeks? Add these exercises.

  • Lie down on your side and lean against your elbow. Put your legs together, strain and lift them up. Exhale while lifting the legs. Your body trunk should be lifted. You need to feel your muscles working. Repeat this exercise 30 times on the right and on the left side.
  • Now rise yourself on one hand. Then lift and lower your body up and down. Repeat this exercise 25 times with both sides.
  • Put legs shoulder-width apart, move the hands to the sides. Bend your body to the left and to the right. Hold your back straightly. Train your sides to the maximum. Repeat this exercise 100 times.
  • The initial position is the same, stretch your hands along the body. Bend the trunk to the side and down. Try to reach your knees. Repeat this exercise 100 times.
  • Lean your side against a support and lift your leg to the side up to 70˚. Stretch your heel. Strain your leg and repeat this exercise 30 times.
  • Stand in front of your support. Turn your foot athwart the support. Lift the right leg 30 times and then start training the left leg.
  • Lean your side against the support and do back and side swings.
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All these methods are very useful if you need to grow thin and get rid of side fat even after the labor. However, start training your body only 6 weeks later.

Eat fruits within the first half of a day and halve the training intensity.

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