How to wear fresh flowers on your wedding

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Bringing fresh flowers into your wedding will bring a beautiful sense of style and class to your theme. Whether you are going for a rustic chic style wedding or an elegant vintage theme, flowers are the ultimate item that can tie a theme together.

Fresh flowers galore in your wedding décor:

You have an array of choice when it comes to bringing fresh flowers into your wedding. The traditional use of flowers in a wedding will include a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, table decorations and petals that the flower girl uses down the aisle. Most brides find that delegating the floral arrangements to a specialist wedding florist is a good idea as they have the knowledge and skills to not only create your vision but also to keep the arrangements looking healthy and fresh all the way through your wedding day.

If you are a bride that loves flowers and wants to incorporate fresh flowers in as many ways as you can, this guide looks are 5 ways that you can wear fresh flowers on your wedding day.

5 ways to wear fresh flowers on your wedding day:

To wear fresh flowers on your wedding day, whether you as the bride wear them, or if you make your bridesmaids wear them or your fiancé, fresh flowers can elevate the theme of your wedding and look incredible in the wedding photos too.

1.     Floral hair piece

A fresh twist on a classic hairpiece, bring fresh flowers into your dreamy wedding hair style with a fresh flower hairpiece. In line with the theme of your wedding and other flower choices in your bridal bouquet, bring 2-3 flower choices and build a hair piece around them. This is a job that a wedding florist can do, they may charge you a bit extra for it as it requires time and skill to be able to securely attach the flowers without damaging them, but it is well worth the cost because fresh flower pieces will make your hairstyle, however simple, look elegant and chic. These hair pieces can be as small or large as you see fit, consider your hair style when choosing a hair piece, if you have short and fine hair, consider getting a hair piece that is elegant and smaller to not overpower the rest of your hairstyle.

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2.     Corsage

Another way to wear flowers is to have a corsage made for either your wrist or that of your bridesmaids. Traditionally, the mother of the groom and mother of the bride wear corsages, but they can be worn by whomever you want. Be consistent with your wedding theme in your choice of flowers for the corsage, choose the focal flower colour or style and highlight this flower in the corsage. The outfit of the person wearing the corsage will also need to suit the flower choice in colour. Communicate which colour and style you will be incorporating in their corsage so that their outfit will complement the corsage and vice versa.

3.     Flower crown

bride wears flower crown at her wedding

If you are going for a boho chic look, a flower crown is the perfect way to highlight this style in a way that is functional and looks incredible. Flower crowns are made by florists, they can be quite intricate and detailed to create therefore hiring someone to do this will be worth the money. Flowers only last a few days on average before starting to wilt, therefore you won’t be able to make the flower arrangements ahead of time, it will have to be right before the wedding. With this in mind, delegating the time-consuming task of flower crown making is a great idea to reduce the stress you may experience on your wedding day.

Fresh flowers in a flower crown should compliment the rest of your bridal look. If you want your flower crown to be the focal point of your outfit, then go as bright and bold as you want, however if you have a dress that you want to show off, choose a simple style of flower crown with only a couple of subtle flowers to not overpower the rest of your bridal attire.

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4.     Boutonnieres

groom wears boutonniere with blazer

Traditionally worn by grooms and groomsmen, boutonnieres are a great way to incorporate fresh flowers into the attire of your groom. They can be worn by women as well. The trick with designing a beautiful boutonniere is to choose a flower that suits the rest of your wedding theme, and incorporate some small amount of foliage as the backdrop. Keep in mind that you want the floral piece to stay upright and not be too heavy as to pull the clothing in which it is pinned to.

If your groom is wearing a shirt without a blazer, it is especially important that the flower piece is light enough that it will stay in place.

5.     Floral shawl

A recent trend in the wedding industry from fashion magazines and celebrities is a flower shall. Essentially, a floral shawl is a draped arrangement of flowers, however big or small, that the bride wears over her shoulders. This style is best suited to brides who have a simple dress, and who want to showcase this elegant look.

One piece of advice that brides give who have tried a floral shawl at their wedding is that flower shawls are beautiful but they are not functional. They will look great in the ceremony and in the photoshoot but when the reception time comes, be ready to hang the shawl on your chair as you get on the dance floor.

In conclusion

With these 5 ways to wear fresh flowers on your wedding day, your wedding style will be elevated with a fresh, stunning array of carefully selected flowers and foliage. Have a wedding florist on your team that is skilled in making flower crowns, boutonnieres and whatever other floral piece you want to wear. The flowers themselves may not last longer than a few days but the photos will last a lifetime.

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