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Hello, girls! Today I would like to tell you about the means of the American pharmacy brand Kiehl’s face, body and hair care. Welcome to a cut!

Somewhere in the early spring, I became interested in this brand. In the past couple of times I saw their corner, but I didn’t have much desire to meet it. But by the end of winter my skin around the eyes was completely dry, it even started to peel off. Of course, I immediately began to search actively for the best eyes’ moisturizer at the resource which is favorite for all of us. So I went to the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.

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I really like the concept of design of Kiehl’s product – minimalism. Most of them are white jars and tubes with neat labels. It is also very pleased that there are different size containers. For example, this cream, I took for the sample, so I chose the smallest jar – 14g. Next time I would take a little more. This is a miniature white jar with green labels indicating the name of the product, information on the use and composition. Inside there is a protective membrane.

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As you can see, the cream is light lime color. It has a very interesting texture, that results in a particular application. It is quite dense, if you just put the cream on the skin, it will be difficult to distribute. But if you previously heat the portion of cream between your fingers, the texture becomes like a water and slides over the skin. It absorbs in 10 minutes.

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Now the most important – action of cream:

All dryness has gone! The skin is soft and engorged, concealer became lie down much easier. My wrinkles under the eyes caused due to dryness, decreased, left only mimic. Cream didn’t affect in any way on blueness under the eyes, but I did not expect that they would remove, since it’s not the bruises that occur due to lack of sleep. Now I use a cream at night only because it has a prolonged action – the day the skin is too moisturized.

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I’ve recently hooked and my mum on this cream. She has a very dry eyelid skin, and at some point strong peeling began, like allergies. After she has tried several pharmacy creams and ointments, and she did not see any result. I offered her to use Kiehl’s at night. In the morning, all peeling have disappeared! In addition, little wrinkles smoothed (My mum age skin). Now one jar lives with her.

My search for the perfect eye cream is finished!

Rating: 5+

Term Test: about 4 months

Next, I’ll talk about Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, which has become for me a perfect night care.

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Cream is packaged in the same jar as the eye cream, only a little more (I also took the smallest version). The content is protected by a plastic membrane.

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Cream white. The texture is light, a little gel, but very intense. Excellent spread on the face, as a result economy of the product. It seems to me that the cream is not absorbed until the end because the face is shiny.

My Kiehl's.files 10

My skin is perfectly reacts to this cream. It became a salvation for me in the spring, when the skin remained dry after winter. Just a couple of applications of the cream removed all peeling! And since then, they didn’t appeared any more. The skin is nourished and moisturized. After it I can use just a serum. Cream does not close pores, it does not cause inflammation. Generally, excellent! I think in the cold, and will use it as a day care.

Rating: 5!

Term Test: more than 3 months

As a gift to the face cream, I was handed this miniature moisturizing mask – — Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask. If consider that miniatures from Kiel’s are very impressive, I have had time to form an opinion about thees means.

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There is 7 ml of product in a jar. It took me a month to use a couple of times a week.

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Mask has a gel texture, enough light. Color is absolutely clear. The mask is easily spread on the face. The manufacturer advises to apply its dense layer at night – that’s what I did.

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I really enjoyed to use this mask at the sea. My skin, dried salt water and wind, gratefully responded to this mask. On the morning after it, my face is fresh and moist, the complexion is leveled a bit. I think that I will take full version.

Rating: 5!

Term Test: Month



Next will talk about body cream Kiehl’s Creme de Corps.

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I have so-called traveler’s version of this product. Packaging – plastic bottle is very uncomfortable for me, since the cream has a very dense texture, and it’s necessary to squeeze it out of this bottle by two hands! And lately I have to make a good shake to get to the content! In general, minus is for packaging.

My Kiehl's.files 5
Itself cream has a light yellow color, looks like a little melted butter. I do not like the smell. No fruit or floral fragrances is provided, the cream smells like something cosmetically. I am not a master of describing the smell, I can only say that lovers of fine fragrances will be disappointed.

Let’s talk about the advantages. The cream perfectly nourishes dry skin of my body, it becomes smooth and elastic, peeling eliminated. I like to apply it with a thick layer on the elbows I have trouble with them.

Crème de Corps soften rough skin elbows, for me, a great plus! In the summer it is a bit heavy, now I prefer lighter texture like jelly body, but in the winter it will be indispensable. Although I think probably take the version with the scent of grapefruit, since I appreciate the delicious smells for the care of the body.

Rating: 4 (half of point for the smell, the score for packing)

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Term Test: Month



And we got to my very favorite part – hair care! Some of the girls asked me about it, and now I’m ready to share with you some of my favorites. The first Hero – shampoo for all hair types Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo.

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I again have a travel-version, so bottle is one-to-one with the Crème de Corps. Shampoo is transparent and enough liquid. It has a natural smell of coconut! Oh how I do not like these smells but that came clearly to my taste!

My Kiehl's.files 3

As composition of no parabens and SLS, shampoo gently cleanses the hair (until creak – from the second time). It does not tangle the hair, but I still always use conditioner (it will be discussed below). After applying hair are crumbly and brilliant. The only thing – it dries a little my head skin , so I have stopped using it temporarily. A week ago I dyed my hair – again all is great! Apparently, my hair without a paint are drier than with paint. I highly recommend who has not too dry hair, addicted to be greasy – all will be fine. Now I want to try a series of shampoo for dry hair with olive oil.

Rating: 5

Term Test: 3 months



Last but not by meaning – Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner.

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This conditioner refers to a series for dry hair. It also includes shampoo and mask. And shampoo and mask, I also tried, and now waiting for the opportunity to buy a full-size version. The conditioner is white color and light gel consistency.

My Kiehl's.files 1

I put it on your hair starting from the middle after a shampoo for 5-7 minutes. Conditioner perfectly smoothes hair, don’t let them become tangled (and my hair is very tend to tangling), it gives shine, hair looks healthy! It doesn’t make them greasy and does not make them “icicles”, but nourishes and moisturizes. My favourite!

Rating: 5+

Term Test: 3 months

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