Hard corns on toes. Treatment

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Today hard corn is a widespread problem in one’s toes. Frequently it happens because of uncomfortable shoes and results in painful sensation while walking. It is forbidden to remove corns at home; sometimes they are placed deeply in the skin. In case you decided to do this procedure at home, be aware of the fact you may bring the infection or provoke a fungus disease. How to get rid of this problem? Well, there are several ways to do this. You may buy corn plasters: its major component is salycilic acid. Put it on the corn for 2 days. You may repeat the procedure 4 times up to the complete corn softening.


There are some neglected cases. Use soapy-soda bathes. The duration of this procedure is 30-40 minutes. Never rub a corn with pumice. After 5-6 procedures the horny skin layers will fall off.

Use soapy-soda bathes

The most deep hard corns are usually treated with keratolytic gel. It rubs the corn and peels the corn off in time. If you use it regularly, this problem disappears at all.

keratolytic gel

A device for pedicure also removes corns. You can do this procedure at a salon. A special device with a head polishes a corn and a foot skin in order to reach smooth effect of your heels and toes.

A device for pedicure also removes corns

The most effective method to remove corns is cryotherapy. A specialist applies liquid nitrogen to eliminate tissues. The procedure lasts for 30 seconds. New skin is being formed on the place of eliminated tissue in several days.


Folk remedies to get rid of corns


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Cut an onion in half and cover it with vinegar. In a day, you may apply leafs of onion on the corns 2 times a day. This method is effective if you do this procedure regularly.



Aloe plant. Cut a leaf of aloe flatwise and apply it on a corn. Then bandage it. Do it in the evening. Within the night a corn is softened and you may remove it easily.Aloe


Propolis is the next effective remedy. Stick natural propolis to a corn using a plaster. A corn will disappear in 2 days. You may speed up the process if you scrape off a horny layer every day.


In order to reach maximum result, prepare soft and warm baths for feet with linseed. Take a glass of linseed; cover it with 1 l of water. Let it draw for 1 hour. Pour out the decoction into a basin. Put your feet there for a half an hour. After the procedure the cords will be softened.


These folk remedies will help you to treat hard corns and make your feet beautiful!

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