Symptoms of gastritis and gastric ulcers. Traditional remedies

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Diseases of the stomach can be at people of almost all age groups and any social position. Diseases of stomach and duodenum are treated by the most different methods. They are enough effective. But symptoms must be determined in time. We will tell about symptoms of ulcer gastritis and ulcer in this article.

Symptoms of gastritis and gastric ulcers

Symptoms of gastritis

Stomach is loaded too much. Sometimes failures occur even in healthy stomach which are caused by different diseases and must be treated. They have sufficiently clear symptoms. They are:

  • Appetite changes;
  • Sense of thirst;
  • Sensations of pain;
  • Dyspepsia;
  • Belch.

These symptoms are observed at gastritis and gastric ulcers.


Erosive-ulcerative gastritis is the most prevalent disease of stomach. Function of secretion in stomach worsens. The main symptom of gastritis is inflammation of stomach mucosa with varying degree of intensity. Such disease is accompanied by spasm of intestine and spastic constipations.

Sensations of pain and slight changes in appetite are symptoms of gastritis stomach on the first stages. Gastritis on the last stages causes significant violation in assimilating of vitamins, minerals, micro- and macro elements.

Erosive-ulcerative gastritis

Vomit, aching pains under sternum, a belch, soreness of stomach are the main symptoms of gastritis with increased acidity of stomach. Such symptoms appear at sick person approximately in a several hours after eating. Changes in appetite absent or insignificant. It also has such symptoms as: tachycardia, bradycardia, hypotension, increased salivation and low blood pressure. Irritability, bad sleep or contrary, increased sleepiness join to above disorders.

As a rule, person doesn’t pay attention to the first symptoms of a disease. Gastritis becomes chronic rapidly. Patient with a chronic form of gastritis needs serious treatment and continuous medical supervision. Self-medication is inadmissible, because it may worsen state of human.

Treatment of gastritis

First of all, it is necessary remove key reason of chronic gastritis for successfully treating of disease. Disease can be treated by diet and changing of lifestyle. Follow to recommendations of doctor. Diet is very important at disease of stomach.

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Treatment of gastritis

If disease cause weight loss, so it is necessary eat food in little portions. Of course, it is very important for children and old human. Exclude from diet following products:

  • Bread (besides bran one);
  • Fried food;
  • Dough food products;
  • Sauces;
  • Spicy condiments.

Patients with chronic gastritis think, that they can’t use dairy products. But such assumptions have reason. It is unreasonable deprive own organism of such helpful and necessary organic compound as protein. The dairy products must be integral part of your diet. But, refuse from milk, because it has additional load on the irritated and inflamed stomach mucosa. Diet must be soft and consist all necessary food products at gastritis.

Treatment stomach ulcer

Disease of stomach following after gastritis is gastric ulcer. Such disease appears at absence of proper treatment of gastritis. Sometimes, predisposition is transferred by inheritance. Ulcer is developed at different provoking factors on human organism.

  • Ulcer of stomach can be provoked by different factors:
  • Overwork and regular lack of sleep.
  • The stressful condition during a long time.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes.
  • The irregular and incorrect nutrition.

Symptoms of gastric ulcer and gastritis are similar in common things but they also have some differences. Such as:

  • Pains during hunger;
  • Pains in night;
  • Vomit has impurity of blood (scarlet color) at gastric bleeding.

Treatment stomach ulcer

Disease is treated during a long time with its strengthening in an autumn and spring. Complications are appear at absence of adequate and timely treatment. Symptoms of some of them cause mild discomfort. Disease can be serious threat to health.

Refuse from alcohol, smoking and keep a healthy lifestyle at the first symptoms of diseases. Nutrition is also a very important part of treatment. It must be regular and soft. Diet is nearly identical at gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Treatment of an ulcer and gastritis are similar. Such diseases of stomach are treated using all tools: sick person have to follow diet and use medicines. It is necessary address to doctor at appearing of some symptoms. There are many traditional methods of stomach treatment which can be applied only after consultation with a doctor.

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Treatment of stomach diseases with a help of traditional remedies 

People have been treating diseases of stomach using traditional remedies for centuries. The most effective and the safest recipes are collected and describted below.

Infusion of cress

Infusion from cress leaves helps remove pain syndrome even during chronic gastritis. Comminute one hundred grams of lettuce leaves, put into an enamel bowl and pour there half litre of boiling water. Infusion must be covered by lid and left for a day . Filter decoction through gauze. Drink it in volume of half a glass for two times a day, in half hour before eating. Duration of course is nearly during one month.

Yarrow and buckthorn decoction

This decoction covers stomach mucosa and adjusts operation of intestine, removing spastic constipations, which is symptom of chronic gastritis. Boil one litre of water, switch off stove and add a tablespoon of ingredients. It must be covered by lid and left for two hours. Filter decoction, leave it in a cold place. Drink it on an empty stomach, one time a day. Course of treatment is two weeks.

Tincture of a thyme

Tincture of a thyme cures chronic gastritis almost completely. Put two table spoons of a dry thyme into a glass with 600 grams of white wine. Receptacle is covered by lid and left in refrigerator for week. Boil liquid for two minutes, stirring it. It is filtered with a help of gauze. Tincture is stored in a refrigerator. Drink two teaspoons before each eating.


Propolis treat chronic gastritis effectively. Eat 10 grams of propolis each day. It must be chewed carefully. Observe that propolis is chewed carefully. Duration of treatment is 1 month.

Sea buckthorn with honey

This remedy from sea buckthorn honey honey is also very effective for gastritis. Put three tablespoons of sea buckthorn into glass of water, boil it for ten minutes and filter. Add three tablespoons of honey into decoction and stir it thoroughly. Drink half of a teaspoon on an empty stomach and before breakfast.

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Potato sap

traditional remedies

Potato can also become a good remedy in treatment of gastritis. Screw sap from two potatoes and drink it on an empty stomach, before breakfast. It is necessary lay during some minutes after drinking of potato sap. You can eat food in an hour. Duration of treatment is one month.

Root of licorice

Infusion of a licorice root is very effective at gastritises with increased acidity. Comminute 10 grams of a root and put it into a thermos with one litre of boil water. Leave decoction for a day and then filter it with a help of gauze. Drink half glass of decoction for 10 minutes before each eating. Duration of treatment is 15 days. It is necessary have five-day break.

Dilution of honey

It is very simple and extremely effective remedy for erosive gastritis. Honey is diluted in warm water. Dilute two tablespoons of honey in glass of warm water. Drink one glass of such liquid for one day. Course of treatment is two weeks.

Chamomile, yarrow and celandine decoction

Put dry celandine, chamomile and yarrow into an enamel bawl with one litre of hot milk. Leave it for two hours. Drink it during a day. Duration of treatment is two weeks.

Decoction from flax seeds

Mix flax seeds with two tablespoons of chamomile. Put it into thermos with a litre of hot water and leave it for ten hours. Filter decoction and boil one more time. Drink half litre of decoction during a day.

Elecampane decoction

An elecampane root is pulverized, a glass of boiling water showers it and two hours are infused. Drink two tablespoons of such decoction before eating, three times a day.

It is not necessary refuse from visit of a doctor, even if traditional remedies help well!

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