How does cure a cough quickly and effectively? Medical and traditional cough remedies

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Cough can not only give an inconveniences to human, but threaten to his life. It is much easier to get rid of cold and temperature while cough can pursue you during long time. How does quickly get rid of cough? How quickly does cure cough? Which treatment is better: medical or traditional? What is more effective at dry and wet cough?



Cough is a natural protective reaction of a human organism on chemical or bacterial irritation. The main symptoms of cough – inflammatory processes of respiratory tract (edema mucus), mechanical (the increased lymphonoduses or foreign matter) or temperature.


Small glands are in our nasopharynx which allocates about 2-2,5 ml of the slime every day, which necessary for usual breath. Allergic reactions or high temperature lead to thickening of mucus, turning into a phlegm. Sticky and viscous phlegm can’t be freely brought out from respiratory tract then it shut up them, making obstacles to breath. Therefore reflex become works, the organism tries to relieve bronchial tubes from excess slime. Actually this reflex is also cough.

The reasons of cough

The reasons of cough arising unfortunately, are not limited only by respiratory organs. In addition heart troubles (blood stagnation in a small circle of blood circulation), the central nervous system or a digestive tract can cause cough. Cough can be caused also by cold, an allergy.


At first it necessary to understand the nature of your cough, and only then you may buy medicine in pharmacy. Cough remedies can be separated conditionally on three groups: mucolytic remedies – rarefy a phlegm, expectorant remedies — strengthen cough, sedatives for cough — reduce activity.


It is important to understand that cough can be “wet” and “dry”, i.e with excretion of a phlegm and without. Bronchitis, pharyngitis, bronchial asthma have dry cough but phlegm doesn’t allocate. If you hear hoarseness in your voice, so it can be laryngitis, or catarrhal tracheitis.


Anyway, cough has to be productive, i.e. accomplishing own function – removing phlegm from respiratory tract. Therefore, it necessary to treat dry cough or transform it into wet cough.

When at cough the phlegm is allocated, it is necessary to pay attention to character and color of phlegm. Bronchial asthma identified by colourless phlegm. Bacterial infections in respiratory tract are identified by flavovirent color. Heart failure is identified by a phlegm of rusty color. Bronchial pneumonia is characterized by a purulent phlegm.


Warm alkaline inhalations, extracts wild rosemary, licorice, coltsfoot and althaea will be able cure dry cough. All of them perfectly help to cure illness, making softening impact on a throat. Infusions and broths need to be accepted several times per day on a half of a glass. Libeksin helps treat dry cough at bronchitis.

If you strongly cough, feeling “scratching” in a throat and in a breast, so dry cough must be treated by medicine which suppresses cough reflex and normalizes allocation of a phlegm.

You may use pastils and lollipops with a salvia or Bronkholitin.

Dry cough can be treated quicker by warm water because it strengthens action of all expectorant remedies which help to cure well.


Dissolve 1 tablespoon of sea salt in glass of warm water. Drip such solute in a nose of 3-4 times in day.

How does get rid of cough with a phlegm? The main thing – is to make a phlegm less viscous and sticky, that it left respiratory tract easier and quicker. It necessary remove phlegm from respiratory tract as much as possible, because various products of inflammatory process is removed from lungs and bronchial tubes.


Of course, it necessary eliminate reasons of phlegm emergence, otherwise it will appear again and again. In case of ARD – acute respiratory diseases. “Anti-caugh” medicine (without using of antibiotics) are appointed by doctor. Bronchitis or pneumonia is treated by antibiotics, because the priority medical task is suppression of microbes  activity of and their reproduction. It is very important to be examined by the doctor.

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Wet cough with phlegm must be treated by medicinal remedies such as: “Lazolvan”, “Abroksol”, “Atsetiltsistein”, “Bromhexine”. These medicines help to get rid quickly of cough, making anti-inflammatory effect and improving the common condition of bronchial tubes.


Question “How does cough at the child cure quickly?” is very responsible. A lot of things depend on age of your child. You must be careful in tratmen if your child is 1 year old. Remember: don’t do anything in such age of your child without consultation of the qualified doctor!

Inhalations from cough and mustard plasters will help get rid of cough at children. Сhildren’s whooping cough, can be treated by medical remedies calming nervous system, such as: “Sinekod”, “Tussamagom”. Bronchitis and tracheitises are treated by mucolytics which cause a phlegm. Then cough at child must be treated  expectorant remedies and warm solutes (teas, a fruit-drink, hot milk). It is good to add a butter slice in hot drink. Hot foot bathtubs will help to cure dry cough.


Allergy begins from quite harmless cold and cough, but bronchial asthma can be result. Allergic bronchitis and asthma involve essential deterioration of life, with risk for life. Manifestation of allergic cough is explained by an inflammation of a trachea mucous membrane (allergic tracheitis), nasopharynxes (allergic pharyngitis), bronchial tubes (allergic bronchitis).

Where with and how fast does cure allergic cough?

At early stages allergic cough is treated by special nasal spray which removes irritation of glands. Pntihistaminic remedies are also recomended by doctors. “Bronkhin” is antiallergic remedy.


If your allergy accompanied with cough exclude possible allergens from food and places of stay. It is the main treatment allergic. Exame always your bed the room, sleep in a coolness. Clean regularly  your room from dust. Resolve an issue with pets or with your allergy on them.

It is recommended rinse several times a day a throat and a mouth by warm water, in particular when you come back from ouyside to home. Wash out nasopharynx and a nose by warm water twice a day.


Dry cough is treated by remedies such as: “Sinekod”, “Libeksin”, “Glautsin” or “Tusupreks”.

Pekakuana and termopsis are the best expectorant remedies. Lollipops “the Doctor Mom” are the best for secretion normalization (viscosity and stickiness) of phlegms.

“Mukaltin”, “Bromhexine”, “Haliksol” are promoting to purification of lungs and self-liquidation of cough.

Phytogenesis medicines have got enough  widely usage. “Herbal collection No. 2” is effective at diseases of bronchial tubes. It contains a plantain which possesses anti-inflammatory action and moderate spasmolytic activity.


Althaea is universal traditional remedy of cough treatment. This plant gives the softening and enveloping effect on mucous bronchial tubes, reducing irritation and improving remove of phlegms. It can be used for treating both dry cough and wet cough.

The thyme and origanum will cure cough quickly in home conditions, because they have expectorant and antimicrobic effects.


Traditional remedies of cough treatment are too variously. Traditional medicine has a big arsenal of remedies how quickly to get rid of cough in home conditions. Here some of them:

Way No. 1. Boil on slow fire 1 lemon during 10 minutes. Cut it on half parts and wring out carefully all juice. Add to it 2 tablespoon of glycerin and honey. If you have rare cough take 1 teaspoon of this syrup during the day. If you have severe cough – it necessary to take 1 tablespoon on a hungry stomach in the morning, before a lunch, after a dinner and once again before going to bed.

Way No. 2. Grate a black radish and wring out juice with a help of gauze. Mix it with honey and take 2 tablespoon before night and food. This way it is possible to cure cough enough quickly.

Way No. 3. Choose a black radish, cut off a top and extract approximately on a third of internal part. It is necessary to put a little honey in this deepening, lefting a little place for juice which will be emitted. Put down a radish into a glass with water. Merge and drink juice which will be gathered via 3− 4 hours in a radish, then add again a little honey. It is very effective way how quickly to get rid of cough.

Way No. 4. The following treatment of cough folk remedies recommends to use Mix in identical proportions freshly squeezed juice of carrot and milk. It is necessary take 5-6 times for day.

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Way No. 5. Finely cut half a kilogram of usual onions, mix it with 400gr. of sugar and cook it on weak fire in 1l. of water during 3 hours. Then it must become slightly cold, add 50gr. of honey. It is better to store a cough remedy in well closed glass jar or a bottle. Take 4-6 tablespoons in day after meal.

Way No. 6. Syrup of a glycyrrhiza can be bought in a pharmacy. But it is possible to prepare this syrup by yourself according to the following recipe: 10gr. of a glycyrrhiza root is filled in by a glass of boiled water, heat during 20 minutes  on a water bath, then cool and filter. Finally you will get 200 milliliters. Dilute with water. Take this remedy by 1 tabelspoon during the day several times.

Way No. 7. Cough can be treated by another tradional remedies. Take 2 onions, cut them shallow and boil in one glass of milk. Leave such remedy for about 4 hours, and then filter. Take this remedy by 1 tablespoon each 3-4 hours.

Way No. 8. At dry cough, cut one garlic and 10 average onions shallow and boil everything this in milk. Add honey and juice of mint. Drink this remedy at dry cough by tablespoon at each hour.

Way No. 9. Viburnum – is a excellent treatment at home. Berries must be mixed with sugar. Eat remedy by spoon, at discomfort in a throat.

Way No. 10. Wormwood tincture – is good remedy how quickly to get rid of cough. Take 20 grams of the dried wormwood and fill in with vodka (500ml). It must be insisted during one day. Drink the received remedy by one tablspoon several times in day. This good cough treatment of tradional remedies, but ofcouse it is not for children.


Cough can be caused by such disease as: usual cold, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia and in addition also diseases of nervous system and heart. Everything these must be considered by yourself before self-medicating. After all Becouse inhalations are forbidden in some cases.

But if you deal with laryngitis, pharyngitis or bronchitis, so inhalation for cough is the best tratment for you.


When does inhalations for cough are necessary?

inhalations for cough are the most effective and fast way which can be applied at dry cough because of irritation of a throat. It is possible buy them in a pharmacy the nebulizer or a compressor inhaler where the treating substance is small parts of medicine which are filled in inside. But it is necessary to understand that similar inhalers are intended generally for treatment of a lower respiratory tract.

If you need to influence on a top respiratory tract, you don’t have high temperature, so you may be covered by bath towel over the wide saucepan. Inhalations from to cough will be the most effective at ARD and problems with the top airways steam.

The phlegm is diluted during contact with wet warm air, improve rheological properties of a phlegm and the expectoration becomes the most productive. However it is necessary to understand that during moistening of the dried-up slime its quantity will increase in volume. It means that steam inhalation for cough can cause obstruction of respiratory tract. Remember that if respiratory tract don’t have a slime, so you needn’t use steam inhalations!

How do inhalations for cough make?

Steam inhalation water temperature must be about 30-40 degrees, hotter steam can provoke bigger edema of the mucous. It necessary to tilt above a pan with ferry on 20-30 cm, and to inhale steam by a mouth. Duration of procedure is 5-10 minutes. You may prepare such steam inhalation 6 times in day. After that at least 30-40 minutes it is impossible to go outside as it is impossible to eat anything drink and even to talk.

If you don’t have allergic reactions on components, you may use such recipes:

  •  Take glass of water, heat it to 40 degrees and dissolve bee honey in it. Inhale steam by mouth and a nose
  • Grind sage grass, in number of 2 tablespoons to stir in one glass of the boiling water, and 20 it must be insisted during 20 minutes. Then you can inhale.
  • Grind and boil leaves of an eucalyptus or buy eucalyptus oil in a pharmacy and pour some drops in a pan. Make a cardboard cone, press densely wide end to edges of pan, narrow end take in a mouth and inhale steam during 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Take 2 tabelspoons of an eucalyptus leaves, fourth part of a coniferous extract briquette, 1 teaspoon of a garlic gruel and add 1 pill of validol (as menthol). Everything this put it into a boil water. Wait until temperature will down and then you may do inhalation.
  • Put  2-3 tablespoons of baking soda on liter of boiled water. Soda inhalation for cough facilitates cough at bronchial asthma and bronchitis. It doesn’t cause an allergy.
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Compress for cough – is almost universal remedy. It necessary to use the mass of various ingredients to prepare such. Compresses for cough can be cold and hot, dry and water, oil and spirit.

Traditional compresses for cough

The simplest hot compress for cough can be prepared from apple cider vinegar and water, in a proportion 1:3, and add a teaspoon of honey. Moisten a napkin in this solute and apply to a bosom and a throat. Lay a polyethylene and something warm – a scarf, a blanket. Hold a compress during 20 minutes.

Acetic or alcohol compresses not for you if your skin is sensitive. In this case you may use remedies of beer. Heat to 30 degrees 200 ml of beer (it is possible nonalcoholic), add 1 teaspoon of honey, dip, wring out and apply a napkin to a throat and a bosom and insulate compress.

Honey compress for cough is excellent remedy from bronchitis. Rub properly by natural liquid honey (lime is better) a bosom and cover by parchment or paper. You need to lay and be coverad by a blanket. It is necessary to lie, till you feel that bosom will be warmed. Then the compress is washed away by warm water, and breast is oiled by vegetable, with adding of essential oil, fir or eucalyptus drops.

If your child coughs and you are afraid do to him some wet compress, so try to make a dry. Mashed potatoes are required for this purpose, but instead of milk and oil, pour in a few vodka. Warm mixture needs to be put in a plastic bag, to wrap up it by a napkin and put one compress to a bosom. Another compress put on a back and then tie by a warm scarf. Remove a compress for cough when it cools down. It is possible to do it few times in day. But remember that you may prepare any warming-up compresses and other warming-up procedures only if you don’t have high temperature.

Traditional compresses for cough

Oil compress with usual vegetable oil can help at ongoing cough. It is warmed up on a water bath, then dip in it a dense napkin and wrap the patient’s bosom excepting heart area. Compress is laied over by parchment or paper (not polyethylene!), then wrap with a towel. You may leave such compress for all night long.

Oil compress for cough at bronchitis prepares like this. Vegetable oil on a water bath heats up. Towel is dipped in it. It wrung out and moistened in juice of a black radish. Then, as usual, we wrap up in blanket. It is desirable to lay  on bed during 30-60 minutes. If you don’t feel hot or sweat, remove a compress, rub off a body well by a napkin, wash away remedies from skin. Grind a body well, grease with vaseline if you see redness.

Cottage cheese is a effective ancient remedy. It prepares, even at suspicions on pneumonia. At first cottage cheese is heated, then put it in the cooling-down oven or on the hot battery. Add 1 tablespoon of natural honey when it became warm and mix. Impose carefully cottage cheese by a thin layer on a towel and turn patient into blanket, bypassing heart area. Cover patient by paper and a terry towel, warm and fix by a wide woolen scarf. The compress for cough is left on all night long. If by the morning cottage cheese baked at morning, but remained white, so pneumonia isn’t present. Pneumonia is existe if you see flavovirent spots on it.

Compresses for cough – is effective remedies, but don’t forget other remedies. Together with compresses use infusions for cough, drink more hot liquid, take the medicine which were appointed by the doctor. Illness finally will go away quickly.

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