Inflammation of sciatic nerve. Symptoms and treatment

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Sciatic nerve inflammation


Sciatic nerve inflammation

Inflammation of sciatic nerve is affection of lumbo-sacral section of backbone or exit area of spinal cord. It leads to pain and sensitivity disorder. Why does it happen? There are a lot of reasons to cause it, such as: backbone trauma and its diseases, overcooling, difficult physical exercises, infections, joints inflammation, slipped disk. In case of inflammation of sciatic nerve, a patient has s painful symptom: one-sided or two-sided pain. If there is no pain, a patient complains about burning, numbness in the zone of sciatic nerve.

Sciatic nerve and treatment

Sciatic nerve and treatment

Treatment of lumbosacral radiculitis is prescribed in accordance with its causes and stage. In case of an acute stage, a doctor prescribes bed rest. In case of sciatic nerve jamming, different medicines are prescribed (ibuprophen, diclophenac, ortophen), physiotherapeutic procedures, massage, gymnastics and hydrotherapy are also important to get rid of this problem. It is advisable to use different alcohol tinctures (red pepper and lilac flowers) and other folk remedies: make dough using 1 glass of flour and 2 table spoons of honey, make a pastille and put it on sacral region, cover with polyethylene. Do not take it away up to the next morning. Surgical procedure is applied in case there is the acute pain remains.

Preventive measures under inflammation of sciatic nerve

Preventive measures

To impede lumbosacral radiculitis one needs to strengthen back muscles. Always control your posture, do not stoop your back; sit straightly. If you have sedentary work, stand up and walk regularly. Do not lift weights and overcool yourself. Do physical exercises to train back muscles. Strain lumbar spine and do not wear shoes with high heels. Practice active way of life.

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Sciatic nerve. Gymnastics to strengthen muscles


Apart from medicines, it is desirable to apply hydrotherapy, gymnastics, acupuncture, massage and attrition of skin with chestnut tincture. To prepare it, grate buckeye with a shell, cover ½ cup with 70% alcohol (to the very brim). Close it and let it draw at the sun for 5 days. Then mix it with 1 gm of camphor (powder), 1 tea spoon of ammonium chloride (powder) and sublimed sulphur. Leave it for 2 days more, turnover it from time to time. At the 7th day add 1 table spoon of turpentine. After attrition of skin, wrap your back up in a muffler. During treatment of sciatic nerve, practice gymnastics to improve nerve blood supply, and prevent commissures. It should be pointed, that a specialist only may prescribe you a proper gymnastic treatment, sun baths and dry attrition of skin.

During the treatment period and after the recovery, Just lady recommends you to follow the next rules to reduce pain: put a hot-water bottle on the nerve; after the recovery do not lift weights, run, jump and ride a bicycle. It is forbidden to sit on a stone, to walk barefoot, lye on wet ground and overcool oneself. Keep your legs and loin warm. One can swim if the temperature of water is more than 20 degrees. It is recommended to change body position from time to time if you have a sedentary work. Do breaks and walk a lot. In summer time, keep your legs warm in sand at the sun. Besides, it is not recommended to drink alcohol.

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Therapeutic exercises, massage are very useful if you have such problem. If you follow regime and keep your legs warm, practice healthy life-style, the pain will be reduced with time. JustLady wishes you to be healthy!

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