All about the women’s thrush: causes, symptoms, treatment. The newborn’s thrush

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Unfortunately, thrush – is a very common and annoying attack in the modern world. This disease is known practically to every woman and every third, has faced it once, is forced to deal with the thrush whole life, periodically returning and poisoning the normal life of the woman, and sometimes even her newborn baby. What is this disease, how to cure thrush, how to deal with it during pregnancy and get rid of the thrush our children? Let’s face it.

What are the causes of the women’s thrush and what is terrible the thrush?

The candidiasis of the genital organs, called among the people a thrush, becomes at many the chronic, intractable form, often resuming after treatment. This resistance is linked first of all with the wide practice of using hormonal contraceptives, creating a favorable environment for the development of thrush.

how to get rid thrush

The causes of the women’s thrush are varied. Enormous “merit” in its progression has oppression of the immune system, the body’s protective activity in the modern world, which is associated with the environment and the way of life and the impact of various chemical and biological agents, and more. The causes of the women’s thrush – it is also a disease of the endocrine system, and to a large extent a frequent change of sexual partners. The considerable influence provides and the improper diet of modern women as well as the abuse of flour products, sweets, alcohol. For the candidiasis of the vagina predispose among other things:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Hormonal contraception (estrogens);
  • A recent antibiotic treatment.

The matrimonial candidiasis is the result of transmission, during the sexual intercourse, of the fungus Candida to the partner, fortunately is not common. What might explain the particular culture of sexual relations and the strong immunity of one of the partners. To a greater extent the oral-genital contacts contribute to infection due to the fact that many are  the carriers of the Candida exactly in the oral cavity.

In cases of the chronic candidiasis of the vaginal, the disorders of immunity, usually, local character  are quite often observed. Women are predisposed to the thrush, it is possible the existence of a special form of allergy – hypersensitivity to Candida, which is the cause of frequent exacerbations. Though about the lowered immunity can say truthfully only relevant inspection.

By itself, the thrush does not cause much harm to the health. Rather, it causes a lot of anxiety to the sufferers, a lot of discomfort and interferes with the normal sexual life. In addition, the thrush can be one of the signs of severe systemic diseases, for example, of HIV infection or diabetes. Exactly this fact has attracted increased attention to the  thrush.

In addition it should be noted that the transmission from mother to newborn baby Candida is more than 70% of cases. Moreover regardless of whether a woman gave birth naturally or by caesarean section. Eliminate or reduce the impact of the causes of the women’s thrush it is possible greatly reduce the risk of thrush, if not get rid of it forever. After full the appropriate treatment, respectively.

The symptoms of the women’s thrush

The symptoms of the women’s thrush

The thrush or the vaginal candidiasis are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Itch, expressed in that extent, how much the disease progresses as well as how high the woman’s sensitivity to such irritations;
  • Burning sensation in the genital area;
  • Itch, redness and soreness of the external genitalia;
  • Unbearable itching, accompanied by painful into the vagina;
  • Not abundant white discharge, cheesy, without a sharp odor;
  • It is possible the  pain during the sexual intercourse;
  • Sometimes the pain during urination.

Usually the symptoms of women ‘s thrush occur before the menstruation, for about 1 week in advance. The symptoms of women‘s thrush, particularly as regards the itching at a candidiasis, are more pronounced in women who are predisposed to allergies. As a rule, itching and burning are reinforced in the evening and during the stay in the warmth, for example, in the bed or after a bath, sometimes disturbing sleep. Frequently a burning sensation prevents sexual intercourse, and, in general, a good mood.

White discharge during candidiasis usually is white, thick, creamy or cheesy, maybe with flakes. However, all these symptoms of the women’s thrush may be absent, the signs of the disease may not be, and then the thrush is asymptomatic, that does not negate the possible consequences or the existence of the diseases related to it.

How is the thrush diagnosed?

The main method of diagnosis of vaginal candidiasis – is smear microscopy. The white discharge is taken by a swab for a scraping of the vaginal wall, vaginal vault and a smear is made on a glass slide. This smear is examined under a microscope. In the presence of infection, there in a smear the cells of the fungal candida are visible clearly by a specialist. However, this does not indicate about a development of the disease, because in fact, it is in the vagina of most women. Therefore, for such approval are required in-depth researches.

Seeding is a method of providing a culture of the fungus grown from a scraping. Cultural researches are considered to be effective (i.e., confirming the presence of a thrush) only under the condition that a certain specific number of colonies of fungal Candida will grow from the scraping,  namely – 10 000 CFU/ ml.

Next comes the definition of the type Candida, identification its sensitivity to those or other antifungal drugs. The fact that some of them do not hold own to treatment by some drugs and require a different strategy. Such investigation is performed if the treatment is unsuccessful for a long time or there are some reasons to secure against before starting therapy.

There is also research PCR (polymerase chain reaction, DNA diagnostics), but it is typically for the diagnosis of vaginal candidiasis is not necessary.

The treatment of the women’s thrush

The treatment of the women’s thrush

Thrush is the most that neither is a real infection that is caused by fungal of the genus Candida. Therefore, to cure a thrush it is possible just only going up to it as to infectious diseases, and with full responsibility, that is:

  • destroy the infectious agent,
  • make sure its successful destruction,
  • prevent its come back.

But if everything is so simple, why it is so difficult to cure – you ask. In the treatment of candida antifungal drugs doesn’t help always, not because of their ineffectiveness. The reason, as a rule – is incorrect approach to the treatment:

  • The appointment too small dose;
  • The appointment unreasonably short period of treatment;
  • Doing unsystematic treatment (for example, self occasionally), which promotes the development of drug resistance in Candida fungal.
  • Infection was mixed (caused by different germs). Therefore, some of the agents remained untouched performed treatment;
  • Recurrences of a thrush after treatment due to various reasons.
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To explain the meaning of recurrences it is difficult. Was not the illness cured properly? Does the infection hide where it’s not to get? Does Candida mutate as a result of treatment? Or does it move from one place to another? Do You have near a source, a carrier of the infection? The unequivocal answer to these questions the medicine has not had yet.

At the same time one thing is certain clear – just antifungals means as of today to solve the problem 100% – are not able. Rather, to give guarantees and ultimately to cure thrush. Exactly that is why for the treatment, the physicians prescribe usually different antifungal agents simultaneously, as well as vitamins and various supplements. In other words – each is in his own way. The effects of the majority of the methods are not proven. For example, the use of drugs with the bacteria (on the tampons or oral) to treat the thrush has no any scientific justification.

In most cases also it is inexpediently to prescribe drugs that stimulate the immune system acts without special examination. And certainly there should not be general family therapy, and to treat husband from the candidiasis if he is healthy.

“As a reserve” such treatment it is not possible, but it is really to develop the addictive of the immune system to certain drugs that during subsequent possible disease will not have the desired effect, and will be completely useless.

How is the thrush treated?

How is the thrush treated

Medicines for candidiasis are:

  • Antifungal oral;
  • Antifungal of local action (ointments, gels, and etc..);
  • Antimicrobial of local action medications (ointments, gels, and etc..);
  • Combined.

The most widely used or even say, the popularity of among women are the medications of local action. However, during the long-term course of the disease trust in local therapy significantly reduced.

Previously the antifungal drugs for the reception inside only were appointed by a doctor in cases when the local treatment did not helped, there was allergic to local media or candidiasis spread to other places. Such caution was explained by the complexity of their appointment and fears of possible side effects.

With the appearance of a new generation of a safer antifungal drug, this provision has changed.  The formulas of some modern means allow curing the fresh, not uncared form of the candidiasis just one single capsule of the formulation.

However, it should be noted that these drugs do not give any guarantees, do not save from the recurrence, or the possibility that the thrush will develop the resistance to them, a known cross-resistance Candida, as the doctors call this phenomenon. Unfortunately, and to this day there are people who has already tried almost all known drugs, in the hope that some of the following drugs will help them. No matter how sad, but as of today, any medicine, and any doctor cannot give you the 100% confidence in the complete cure.

Though this does not mean that your case falls under this category. And if you have got sick the first time, you have a good chance not to hear a diagnosis of the thrush in your address, under the condition of the correct and responsible approach to the treatment. Therefore, do not experiment with your health, do not treat independently, and refer to professional medics, go through a full examination, and carefully follow by the received advices.

Treatment of the thrush by folk remedies 

The high resistance of the thrush to the therapy induces many to resort to the alternative medicine and to use the folk remedies for the treatment of thrush. Of course, the traditional remedies in this case can be, and most importantly – should be used for treatment, but exclusively on the condition of the reliably confirmed diagnosis. The fact is that the treatment which is suitable for fungal diseases, it is absolutely not suitable for bacterial, and vice versa. To cure the thrush, you need an adequate therapy for the disease, or as you have already understood, the situation can only be worse, the disease will be disregarded and the thrush will “settle” in your body forever.

The thrush’s treatment by the folk remedies is basically built on the principle of creating an unfavorable alkaline environment that is pernicious for a disease agent. With this the alkaline environment is just perfect for the pathogens of the bacterial sexually transmitted diseases. So we are back to the adequacy and justification of the self-treatment that can help is not always, but it is capable to harm much to the full extent. Ideally, the treatment of the thrush by the folk remedies should be applied only after receiving a positive test for the fungus Candida (Candida) and the laboratory confirmation of the absence of other disease agents.

But despite the warnings, to apply the folk remedies to cure a thrush, it is desirable and recommended, but only as an additional means, in parallel with the main treatment, to secure the effect after completion course of the antifungal therapy designated by a doctor, and perhaps as a seasonal prophylaxis in cases of chronic form of the disease.

In the treatment of the candidiasis, there are many different non-traditional approaches. The folk remedies are divided into two groups:

  • Antiseptics and antibiotics of natural origin;
  • Folk remedies.

We offer to your attention, the most popular means of folk “medicine” to treat the thrush.

The folk recipes of the medicines

The folk recipes of the medicinesHoney. Dilute honey with the water in the proportion of 1:10 and lubricate by this liquid the lesion of the mucous.

Sea salt. It is very useful to take a bath with sea salt for the treatment of the thrush.

Calendula and chamomile. If the thrush is not uncared the excellent auxiliary means will be a douching by the decoction of herbs – chamomile and calendula. Take 1 tbsp. of chamomile and 2 tbsp. of calendula, pour a mixture of a liter of boiling water, and allow it to stand a little and to cool off then filter out and syringe.

Lemon. Lemon also creates an excellent alkaline environment, with the destructive action for the thrush. To do this, it is necessary to mash and to pour by a glass of boiling water one of its slices. The infused liquid, filter out and use as a means for the syringing and cleaning, applying for the night at least 10 consecutive days. The unpleasant sensations from yeast disappear on the third day of use, but the course of treatment must be brought to the end, until the complete disappearance of symptoms and a couple of days to fix the effect.

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Tea tree oil. Take 1-2 drops of oil mixed with 1tea spoon of calendula oil, olive or corn oil. You can moisten a tampon in the given means and place it for 15-20 minutes in the vagina.

The anti-inflammatory broth for cleaning. We take the bark oak, nettle root, lavender and turns, then we pour 150 ml boiling water a tablespoon of this collection, then infuse 2 hours, filter out, and add another 150 ml of boiling water.

The herbal infusions. The extracts of birch buds, juniper, celandine are widely used for the vaginal syringing and the processing (washing, wiping) of the external genitalia. The infusions are prepared based on one cup of boiling water is one teaspoon a medicinal herb.

The medical collection. Take 1 tbsp. of the oak bark, 1 tbsp. of the pharmacy chamomile, 5 tbsp. of the herbs knotweed, 3 tbsp. of the leaves of the dried great nettle. Mix thoroughly collection, sprinkle in 2 tbsp. of the resulting mixture into 1 liter boiling water, bring to a boil and hold in boiling state for 5 minutes, then filter out and use as a means of the syringing. Use it until you lost white discharge and any other symptoms.

The herbal mix. Take 1 tbsp. of yarrow herb, 1 tbsp. of rosemary leaves, 2 tbsp. of oak bark, 1 tbsp. of sage leaves. Then 100 grams of the collection pour 3 liters of water and boil well. This decoction in a slightly diluted form must be used for washing away and the undiluted decoction – for the syringing and the vaginal tampons. It is necessary to use this means up to the point until the visible signs of illness will not pass. Then, continue to use it more, at least 2 days to fix the effect.

The infusion of St. John’s wort. The decoction of the herb St. John’s wort helps to cure a thrush. To make it, take 2 teaspoons and pour 200 grams heated water and then bring to full readiness this infusion by heating in a water bath for 15-20 minutes. Previously filter out the decoction and use it for syringing.

The treatment of the thrush with soda. The soda provides an excellent anti-inflammatory at the same time alkaline environment which is suitable for combating the thrush. The thrush treatment by soda involves the syringing with warm solution until the complete disappearance of symptoms and the medical confirmation of the absence of disease. Besides such a solution can be used for the periodic preventive maintenance. Take 1 tbsp. of soda without the slides, and dissolve in a liter of warm water.

One of the most important and effective component in the listed recipes is considered the oak bark. This natural material is well known for its ability to restore the damaged the mucous membrane. The pharmacy chamomile is also known for its strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. If we consider these prescriptions directly from a medical point of view, the treatment of the thrush by the folk remedies by and large, can be successfully limit only to the use of these ingredients – the role of the remaining is low. In addition chamomile or oak bark can be used as preventive maintenance of the given disease, washing away their non-concentrated infusions.

Good advice in the fight against thrush is a recommendation to restrict your diet from the presence of flour, sweet, salty, pickled dishes. An excellent auxiliary means for the thrush considers the phytopreparations containing garlic and onions (for the reception inside). It is very helpful to lubricate with the tincture of calendula, rozanol, oily solution of chlorophyllipt the affected mucous membranes.

For prevention should be taken regularly freshly squeezed carrot juice. This drink has a strengthening effect on the mucous membrane and, in principle, prevents the emergence and spread of the diseases. For treatment is also used red berries that contain a large amount of acid (cranberry, viburnum and others). These extracts are used for washing, and are able not only to cure a thrush, but have a bracing effect on the body.

For all the seeming safety of traditional methods, we should not forget the fact that herbal therapy – is, first of all, the same treatment, which can have the side effects and some sorts of individual contraindications. Therefore, you should be watchful and attentive to the components used prescriptions, and better to consult about the feasibility of using a specific means with a doctor.

Thrush during pregnancy

doctor consulting the pregnant womanThe appearance of the thrush during the pregnancy is associated with higher levels of female hormones. This changes the microbiocenosis of the vagina and makes it a favorable environment for the reproduction of the fungal. In medicine, this disease is called the genital candidiasis. The treatment of the women’s thrush during the pregnancy has to be prescribed by a doctor on a mandatory basis. At the same time a doctor may decide to postpone it to a more favorable period for the treatment. There are the main reasons that make the treatment of the thrush during the pregnant mandatory:

  • The expressed discomfort of the future moms which is not easy reduces the quality of her life, but also stimulates nerve stress, which are contraindicated for pregnant women;
  • The disease causes complications of a  pregnancy: the threat of termination, preeclampsia, fetal growth retardation syndrome;
  • Deadline near the resolution of pregnancy – the thrush is capable to transmit to a child during the birth, besides it changes the tissue of the crotch, making them friable, and increases the risk of perineal tears during childbirth.

How to cure a thrush during pregnancy

Effective treatment of yeast infection in pregnant women is considered mandatory compliance with several conditions

  • Diet;
  • Hygiene and regime;
  • Direct treatment of thrush.


Following by these rules of nutrition it is necessary not only during the treatment but they will help to prevent thrush. Pregnant women should limit the sweet, spicy and pickled foods. They increase the acidity of the vagina and stimulate the reproduction of fungi. There must be in your diet dairy products, especially containing bifidobacteria, fresh vegetables and fruits. During the treatment, your diet should contain large amounts of vitamins.

Hygiene and regime

It’s impossible to cure the thrush without keeping the personal hygiene. It is necessary to wash twice a day and to use sanitary pads in the period of the disease. For cleaning, if there is no an individual intolerance and objections of a doctor, it can be used a variety of herbal teas or infusions of herbs (chamomile, oak bark, etc.). It is necessary to eliminate the stay on the heat and the prolonged physical activity – it increases sweating and provokes the diaper rash and the skin irritations. During the treatment, you should not have sex until the test results will not be negative.

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The treatment of the women’s thrush during the pregnancy

thrush during the pregnancyThe first thing to say: do not engage self-treatment, the prescription drug may have bad effects for the future of the unborn baby and the treatment should be administered by a qualified specialist who will be watching Your pregnancy.

This disease is perfectly treated with antifungals drugs. When a pregnant woman is treating, the preference is given to local drug action, eliminating the pills inside. The fact that almost all of the antifungal drugs have toxic effects and negatively affect the fetus.

Drugs that are contraindicated during pregnancy:

  • «Flucostat» («Flucanozole»);
  • «Clotrimazole»;
  • «Nizoral»;
  • «Levorin».

“Nystatin” can cure a pregnant woman’s thrush without causing harm to an unborn baby, but its use is not always justified, considering its low efficiency and sometimes complete lack of results.

Local treatment, the essence of which is the introduction of tablets, suppositories and creams into the vagina less effective, but the most acceptable for the treatment of pregnant women.

The most effective and popular in the treatment of a pregnant woman is “Pimafucin.”  Usually it is applied by one tablet twice a day into the vagina for ten days. As “national” means or rather, a long-forgotten techniques, the “greenery” is used or borax in glycerine. The vaginal wall is treated by dipped in a solution cotton swab removing the whites and then a new, clean swab is just introduced and after six hours the procedure is repeated. It is possible to use washing away by soda (1 tbsp.  per 1 liter. of water) for the treatment of thrush.

In exceptional cases, in late pregnancy, when standard treatment does not help and its absence causes more harm than the perceived threat to the fetus is allowed to use a cream “Clotrimazole”.

Thinking about how to cure the thrush it is necessary to remember that the use of antifungal drugs is accompanied by a deficiency of vitamins in the body. Therefore, necessarily, the multivitamin complexes should be included in the scheme of treatment. Considering the unpleasant sensations of itching and annoying discomfort, your doctor may prescribe sedatives.

The newborns’ thrush

The newborns’ thrush

The newborns’ thrush is, unfortunately, one of the most common diseases. In varying degrees, all the kids have usually this disease. The fungus Candida causes it, as in adults only medical name is slightly different, baby thrush – is the stomatitis of Candida. The kids’ thrush develops in the oral cavity and it is always on the mucous, but the growth of this fungus are usually suppressed by other microorganisms. The fungus Candida progresses, it begins its active reproduction, when the balance of the microflora of the child’s body breaks down, so the infants’ thrush appears. And that is why the disease develops in children frequently a time when the teeth begin to cut and the baby is unwell. Often the kid’s thrush occurs when the baby starts to move independently (crawling, walking), and he pulls into his mouth all that gets in his hands. Sometimes the appearance of stomatitis falls in early “sending” of the child to the nursery. This is due to the general decline of immunity in the adaptation period, combined with an abundance of strange, alien flora – all contribute to the development of thrush.

The infants ‘ thrush: symptoms

The most obvious sign of the disease, many moms believe white patches on the tongue of the baby. But in fact, this patches are quite a natural phenomenon, they do not cause absolutely any worries about the health of the child. The newborn’s thrush has the following symptoms. If in the oral mucosa, including coated with white patches, there are spots or a kind of “plaques”, which are similar to cheese, it is time to be worry and to start treatment. Plaque can be on a language palate, gums and the inside of the cheek. This plaque is quite easy to remove, leaving redness, and possibly bleeding wound. By these wounds the infant’s thrush is dangerous. The baby’s body is not protected from dangerous infections. In no case it is impossible let the disease of your toddler take its course. If left untreated thrush gradually spots of plaque will tighten the entire surface of the oral cavity, covering the entire mucous mouth, and then move to the throat at the back of the throat. Thrush in the early stages does not bother of the child. But then the baby becomes restless, he begins to be capricious, experiencing serious discomfort. Kid can refuse to eat because sucking hurts him.

The infants’ thrush: the treatment of infants and children up to a year

The newborn thrush is treated, usually by local means. In the treatment of children older than six months can be applied antifungal agents (solution Candide, Diflucan, drops “Nystatin”), but such treatment may designate only doctor. It is recommended most often to treat a mouth baby with a solution of baking soda. (1 teaspoon of baking soda diluted in boiled water 1 cup). Wrap the index finger gauze, dip it in the solution and cover the whole little mouth. The kid unlikely to enjoy this process, and he will fight – press gently on his chin with the thumb and mouth opens. Such treatment of the thrush by soda must be repeated every 2 hours for several days.

The solution of honey will be also good. Take one spoon of honey and spread into 2 teaspoons of boiling water. Treat in the same way the oral mucosa of the baby, as in the case with a solution of baking soda. Before you begin this recipe necessarily make sure your baby is not allergic to honey.

thrush in newborn

The infants’ thrush accepts the only responsible treatment, therefore certainly consult with your pediatrician.

You can not torture a baby forcibly treating a gauze mouth, after feeding, try to give the baby a pacifier that has been soaked in honey or soda solution. Of course, not all the kids agree to take the pacifier in the mouth with a strange taste, but still worth a try.

Additionally must be boiled or treated with a solution of soda all things and objects surrounding the baby, including pacifiers, bottles, toys. You should also wash and your pets, however difficult it would be. All these measures are necessary to avoid possible re-infection toddler by thrush.

Prevention of thrush in newborns

After breastfeeding every time give the baby warm boiled water. Just a few sips of water will wash away the abundance of bacteria in the mouth and restore the relative balance of microflora. Compulsorily before feeding carefully wash the breasts, sterilize the nipples for baby bottles and pacifiers. Keep clean all of the items, which contacts tiny. Strengthen immunity, and let Your baby grow healthy!

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