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There are a lot of options for styling a bob haircut. We offer you to see and recreate the most beautiful of them!

A perfect haircut is the one that you do not need to specifically style. A perfect master is the one who is able to do such a haircut. If you have already found your masters and chosen a bob type, these tips will help to make your image more varied. Today we are going to talk about hoe to nicely and easily style a bob haircut.

 What is a bob?

Hairdressers also call it a medium length or below ear hairdo. It is characterized by the clear cut outline. There are two types of a bob haircut: classic and false. To create the first type a method of the inward grading of the hair ends is used. It makes the hair ends curl inward. When you create the second one grading of the hair ends is directed outwards.

 What is a bob

It is hard to say when a bob haircut was first introduced: it was even worn by the Queen Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Desperate fashionista started wearing short hair styles even before the First World War, but it was rather a riot. True popularity came to this haircut later. There were a few of its varieties: with elongated front strands, with ends curling up, with an oval outline and an asymmetrical bob.

Today this haircut even has its own on-line fan clubs where girls discuss whether one or another variant of it would suit them, as well as all the nuances of styling.

How to style a bob?

Before styling prepare your hair. Wash your head or thoroughly soak your strands with water. Dab your hair with a towel. Do not rub them, even if you are in a hurry: it can damage the hair structure as they become vulnerable when wet. On dried hair, apply the hair styling product suitable for you. Depending on the desired result, it may be a mousse, gel, spray or a texturizing wax.

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Middle parting

Perhaps a bob with a middle parting is the most whimsical option by far. It will suit girls with regular features. This variant of styling would make an expressionless face even less expressive, and will further emphasize any imperfection. Excess of volume will create an effect of the doll’s head, while too little will make your hair look dirty. However, for all its “buts”, a middle parting is the classic and the embodiment of elegance, which can decorate any image. Creation of such styling requires some effort. You won’t make do without a certain share of perfectionism.

Middle parting

Divide your hair into small strands and secure them with clamps. Using a round brush and a hair dryer, curl down each strand going from the lower strands and moving from the nape to the temples. On top of the head you need to give your hair a little lift at the roots using a comb.

A great aid would be: frizz eliminating spray and serum as well as shine products.

Side parting

A side parting, on the contrary, would suit almost anyone. It will perfectly hide asymmetry and give a playful look if you tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. This style might be informal. Part of the hair may even curl inward and another – outward. Everything depends on your mood. The hairdo is made almost the same way as the previous one. The only difference is that there is no need to be afraid of using an iron even too smooth strands will not look dirty.

Side parting

You will need styling mousses and foam, products for straightening and shine.

Zigzag parting

You can be envied if nature endowed you with voluminous thick hair. If not, do not worry – the zigzag parting will help you achieve and maintain the effect. Comb all your hair on one side, dry every strand with hot dryer. As they dry, replace them on the opposite side. When all the strands are dry, lean forward and straighten up abruptly. Make a zig-zag parting using a comb with thin long end and fix the styling.

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Zigzag parting

You will need:hair spray and foams and powders with a volume effect.

Crimped hair

Even larger volume can be achieved with the help of a crimping iron. A special nozzle will create texture on all the hair or on individual strands in just a couple of minutes. Just be sure to use a thermal protection spray. And if time allows, you can make curls by more gentle way using pins.

Crimped hair

You will need:a thermal protection spray, pins, styling sprays and mousses.

If crimples are “too much” for you, opt for a more casual option – curls. This styling is ideal, for example, for a spontaneous party: its creation does not require a lot of time and it will last for long if you dry your hair well.

Apply a bit of mousse to the hair, curl them on the curlers of the right size and dry with a hairdryer. After drying wait another fifteen or twenty minutes. Carefully remove the curlers and separate the strands with your fingers. Fix the hairdo with a spray. You can also use an iron or a thermo-curlers.

Another very quick and easy styling is a combed back bob. To create it apply foam on damp strands, and then dry hair using a hair dryer and a round brush to direct them backwards. Fix the styling with a spray.

You will need: styling sprays and mousses and a hair spray.

A loose bun

If the hair length allows it try making a bun. Even a small one, it will look very sweet and touching. Gather hair into a tight tail, secure with a rubber band. Sprinkle the loose ends of the strands with a texturizing spray or lacquer, raise them a little by back combing. Use a comb with fine and rounded teeth.

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lose bun

Gradually curl each strand one after another around the base of the tail. Fix each of them with a small hairpin and claw-clips, you can find them in hair shops. To make sure that hair would not stick out of the hairdo, pre-treat them with a dry shampoo and afterwards fix the styling with lacquer.

A romantic bun

This hairdo is made the way as the loose bun. Just curl your hair with a waver or curlers. It is not even necessary to make a classic bun.

A romantic bun

Just collect the curled strands into a ponytail and secure them with pins and hair spray. You can use it for a first date: it creates a very gentle and romantic image.

Wild hair

This styling takes no more than ten to fifteen minutes. Apply foam for creating volume on slightly damp hair. Lean forward and dry hair, whipping strands with your fingers. Gently straighten the hair and secure with lacquer.

Wild hair

To create this styling in an even shorter period of time, try using a diffuser hair dryer nozzle with holes for air and “fingers”: it does all the same, but much faster.

Slightly longer hair

Have you noticed that your bob has grown longer? No need to rush to the hairdressers. Just style your hair in any of the described ways and be prepared to accept compliments. And do not forget to take care of your hair. Use nourishing masks and products for hair ends.

Slightly longer hair

They will help to forget about the dry and split strands problem and will make your hair healthy from the inside and the outside.

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