Top 10 best consealers for dark circles under your eyes

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With no doubt, these products will help you perfectly master the skills of camouflage!

Concealers of the new generation perfectly manage to hide any imperfections around your eyes while caring for your skin no less than any cream would. We have selected the top ten of the most effective products, and learned secrets of their application and color selection rules from the make-up artists.

MAESTRO ERASER by Giorgio Armani

Creators of the Concealer Maestro Eraser in a sleek black tube proudly call it a “therapeutic masking agent.” And this is not an exaggeration: the product contains components that correct imperfections brightening dark circles, and simultaneously take care of the skin around the eyes. Achieving this double effect was possible thanks to trademark “Moon Light” complex.

MAESTRO ERASER by Giorgio Armani

It’s super comfortable texture deserves a special nod (although all products of the brand can can boast it).

LIFT CONCEALER by Make Up For Ever

Vitamin A (stimulates cell renewal and improves skin elasticity), vitamin E (regenerates the skin and slows the aging process), mallow extract (soothes and softens), special mica (reflects and diffuses the light rays) … This is the recipe for the best-selling Lift Concealer by Make Up For Ever.

LIFT CONCEALER by Make Up For EverWith it you can easily achieve the natural glow effect. How to use this concealer? “To hide the black circles with the blue midtone, use peach Lift Concealer # 2, – tells the Make Up For Ever make-up artist. Also, feel free to use this concealer for correcting smile lines. You can do this armed with a slightly lighter shade than your skin tone. Apply it with a fine brush in crease area and blend lightly. Such technique for smoothing the skin surface is suitable for correction of any undesirable smile or age lines.”

FAKE UP by Benefit

Concealer with the speaking name Fake Up from the product range of the Californian brand Benefit received praises of the most famous beauty-bloggers. The secret of success is in an unexpected combination of the two products in one Stick: moisturizing cream with the apple seeds extract and hyaluronic acid and pigment.

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FAKE UP by BenefitAs a result, dark circles are gone as if nothing was there, your eyes are shining and wrinkles are barely visible. At the same time choosing the right shade will not be difficult since there are only two. This concealer is extremely easy to use: the brand makeup artists advise to mark with it five points, beginning from the orbital bone, and carefully blend them with your ring finger.


Like all products of the young brand Erborian, their BB-eye cream is invisible on skin, easy to apply, does not roll during the day and does not clog up the wrinkles.

BB EYE TOUCHE PARFAITE by ErborianBesides it contains extract of an Asian plant purslanem which wonderfully cares for eyelids, eliminating swelling and protecting them from sun rays. However, it is not able to hide really dark circles. But it will be an excellent evening and highlighting base for a proved corrector.


Corrector and highlighter in one, besides pigments and reflective particles contains hyaluronic acid and lifting components. Many loved the Touche-Expert Advanced pleasant texture, excellent masking capabilities, as well as a convenient format you can carry the tube with a brush in a bag and quickly freshen up your image before an important meeting. “Do not overdo it with the amount of product, or makeup will look unnatural.


Pay special attention to the inner corners of the eyes, because that is where the shadows which make you look tired appear,”- suggests the famous makeup artist Terry de Ginsburg, creator of the product. A makeup artist from one of the prestigious city clubs advises to choose a concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin for the correction of facial contours: “Blend the lighter shade of the Touch-Expert Advanced on the T-zone (forehead – the nose bridge and the nose – fold over the lip – chin). Apply foundation on the remaining areas. The result is the perfectly refined face oval, velvety, slightly brightened skin and smooth glowing complexion!”

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The makeup magician Bobby Brown is certain: a concealer is an indispensable product in the every girl purse, because you can quickly refresh the image with it. She certainly made sure that the Creamy Concealer set by Bobbi Brown would do it’s masking work at 100%. And as a bonus she added softening and protective components such as vitamins and silicon as a bonus. And, of course, Bobby has tips on how to apply concealer “If concealer gives ashy, gray shade, it is too light.

CREAMY CONCEALER KIT by Bobbi BrownTypically, the color should be lighter than your skin under the brow ridge. If the concealer looks yellow, it is too dark. Choosing the right tone, gently apply it with the Bobby Brown Concealer Blending brush to the area under your eyes as close to the eyelashes line as possible. Pay particular attention to the inner corner of the eyelid. To make it more stable, apply a bit of transparent powder.”

ANTI-CERNES by Yves Saint Laurent

Masking pencil Anti-Cernes not only contains light-reflecting pigments, eradicating the dark circles, but also has extracts of chamomile and ginkgo biloba, which improve microcirculation. A lightweight creamy concealer for the dark circles is easy to blend with your fingers or a brush, perfectly hiding the darkening without emphasizing wrinkles around the eyes.

ANTI-CERNES by Yves Saint LaurentAside from that you can use this product locally on redness or to visually adjust your face features. One of the leading makeup artists of Yves Saint Laurent advises: “To emphasize and correct the line of your cheekbones, darken the lower part of the face with a concealer a couple of shades darker than your skin.”

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Among the advantages of the Pro Longwear concealer is a weightless texture, natural matte finish and a water-resistant formula. It leave no stains and stays the whole day thanks to the powdered pigments and a unique technologies creating a stable film. Aside form that, this product can easily disguise spots and other imperfections.

PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER by MAC“To hide pimples, redness and blemishes apply concealer with targeted movements on top of the foundation, and then be sure to secure it with powder (otherwise it quickly wears off), – shares her secret one of the leading makeup artist by MAC. -On the area around your eyes a concealer should be applied, on the contrary, before the foundation.”

UNDERCOVER POT by Laura Mercier

An Undercover Pot miniature jar contains three products necessary for successful makeup at once. So, concealer (right cell) with a light texture does not dry the skin and is great for eyelids. A dense concealer is a little harder to work with: apply it with a brush on the redness and inflammation spots.

UNDERCOVER POT by Laura Mercier Seal the results with transparent loose powder, fixing the concealer and corrector tightly and simultaneously making the skin velvety.


A Natural Finish Cream Concealer tube would be useful to those who have to deal with serious dark circles. It’s masking ability is unprecedented! I am glad that, despite a thick coating, it does not run and does not form stains.


But keep in mind, you need just a drop of corrector even for the most considerable bags under the eyes, otherwise it will be visible on your skin. We recommend mixing it with eye cream or gel for a more natural effect.

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