Stomatitis in children: domiciliary treatment

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Stomatitis is a serious disease in kids and teens. It is attended by an acute pain while eating through sores on mucous membrane. This problem also drains children, thus, they cannot eat normally. To treat stomatitis, people use antiseptics; in some cases it is necessary to take antibiotics treatment course. Fortunately, there are effective folk remedies to relieve the pain and favor the quick recovery of your baby.

This article will help you to learn different ways of domiciliary treatment.

Forms of Stomatitis

Stomatitis is a disease to provoke inflammation of mucous membrane of oral cavity. There are lots of reasons of its development: coccal flora or even viral infection.

Forms of Stomatitis

  • Fungous stomatitis is a problem of kids who had antibiotics treatment;
  • Aphthous stomatitis is usually provoked by vitamin disbalance;
  • Herpetic stomatitis, triggered off by herpesvirus.

If a kid suffers from labial fissures, friable mucous membrane and furred tongue, it is quite obvious a child has stomatitis. The other symptoms of this disease are sores on a palate. In case of an acute infection, wounds are getting bigger and may be covered with fibrous fur. Usually such symptoms are provoked by diphtheria; however, its bacteria may be unnoticed in a smear.

Newly-born babies often suffer from fungous stomatitis which looks like whitish spots or curd on the inside of cheeks and tongue.

The other sign is when a baby denies suckling, as far as it hurts.

Effective treatment

Effective remedy to get rid of fungous stomatitis in infants is solution of dessert spoon in a glass of water. One should apply it regularly to rub baby’s mouth cavity. Take a piece of gauze to remove the fur from mucous membrane.

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Effective treatment

In order to get rid of inflammation and sensation of pain, rinse a mouth of your baby with decoction of chamomile and marigold.   To prepare it, brew 1 spoon of flowers in a cup of boiling water and let it draw within an hour.

Also you can use 1% solution of brilliant green or blueing to cover wounds.

Aloe copes with pustules perfectly in one’s mouth. It is possible to chew leafs if there are several sores on mucous membrane. If there is only one sore, apply a leaf of aloe on the wound.

Another way to heal wounds is oil of dos rose blended with kalanchoe sap. Shortly you will see wounds to be reduced in the mount.

The other proven method is mouthwash with egg solution. Beat up egg white with 100 gm of potatoes. You may put thin piece of potatoes on the wound.

Onion peel mouthwash

This is one of the effective disinfect agent to heal the wounds. Take 3 teaspoons of peel and put it in 0, 5 l of hot water. Let it draw within 7-8 hours. Strain it and rinse mouth at least 3 times a day.

Onion peel mouthwash

In order to prepare another efficient decoction, take the collection (10 table-spoons) of the next herbs: 1 part of birch leafs, 2 parts of sage leafs, 3 parts of hips, 1 part of common origanum. Cover this mixture with 1l of boiling water and let it draw within a half an hour.

It should be noted that baby may deny all of these methods, thus, we recommend you to use fresh carrot juice. It is tasty and favors quick wounds healing.

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