Cold Sore in Pregnancy: Treatment of herpes virus

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Almost every person faces cold sore or herpes virus. This malady never passes without an appropriate interference. According to statistics, more than 90 % of population suffers from this virus. Some people do not worry about their disease as it doesn’t shows up till the proper time. The others have appearance of skin rash 1-2 times per year.

Herpes Virus

Viruses are different according to antigenic properties: the 1st type affects mouth and lips, the 2nd one provokes skin rash on external organs of generation.

This virus can be transmitted by a kiss, hygiene failure, handshake, within pregnant period and labour (fetus infection from mother).

Virus is activated under favorable conditions:

  • Stress;
  • Long-term depression;
  • Chronic diseases to weaken immune system;
  • Middle age.

To diagnose herpes

During pregnancy, immune system is especially weekend. Immunity is one of defense mechanisms to be responsible for carrying of a pregnancy. Antibodies are not produced in case if RH disease is absent. Within this period URI and URTI are most likely to be developed.

Herpes Virus is DNA region. If someone catches up it becomes a part of DNA cells and start multiplying, to provoke nervous system affection. It is connected with high virus steadiness in external environment: room temperature keeps it for several days; at a temperature of – 70 degrees it lives up to 7 days. Virus dies in 30 minutes only after boiling.

In case a woman has already been examined for herpes antibodies, then there is a small chance of virus activation during pregnancy. A fetus is protected by mother’s antibodies.

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It is dangerous, if a woman picked up this virus firstly during pregnancy. If it happened at the early terms, there is a risk of abortion.

Affection at the 2nd or 3rd pregnancy trimester is nor so risky. Virus penetrates into blood and affects nerve fetal tissue through the placenta. In fact, fetus may have meningoencephalitis – meninges affection. In this case a baby arrives blind with water on the brain, and some deviation.

Sometimes there are problems with arms and legs development, they do not grow. In some cases, a child arrives dead (up to 30 %).


Herpes of lips indicates an acute infection. Do not practice self-medication. Apply to gynecologist to prescribe you a proper treatment.

The earlier you start treatment, the more chances to give birth to healthy child naturally.

Apply to gynecologist

To diagnose herpes, a doctor takes venous blood for G and M immunoglobulins. According to test it is clear, whether the virus is a chronic process or you caught it up during pregnancy.

One of the most dangerous viruses is genital herpes. A doctor takes a swab from the affected area. The 2nd type of herpes usually attends some other viruses; that’s why a pregnant woman is examined for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

How to treat it? Unfortunately, it is impossible to rid of this virus completely. But one can easily liquidate acute symptoms during pregnancy.

It is also recommended to apply folk remedies:

  • Warm drinking;
  • Grassy tea with honey, rich in vitamins;
  • Volatile oil if you have no allergy to odors;
  • Chamomile and marigold creams to soften scabs.
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Tea with ginger, honey, lemon and spices

Gynecologists prescribe the next drugs to strengthen immune system and apply them locally on herpetic bubbles.

Vitamin complexes

Immunomodulators, to prevent virus multiplying and penetrating into cells. One of the effective Russian drugs is Viferon.

For locally affected skin use Viferin gel or ointment, Аcyclovir, UnguenturnOxolini ointment and etcetera.

Some drugs are forbidden at the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Starting from the 20th week, a woman may use Viferon as rectal suppositories, ointments and gels.

If a doctor diagnosed herpes at the late term, it is advisable to do cesarean section as a child may be affected when passing birth canal.

Be aware, herpes of lips is a real reason to consult a doctor, because a specialist only may prescribe you an appropriate treatment!



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