How to conceive a girl? How to conceive a boy? The man

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Men have a particular internal organ – the testicles, where sperm is produced and stored. Testicles are in special scrotal sacs (scrotum) that support the testes temperature to a level that is necessary for sperm production. This temperature is slightly lower than normal body temperature (36.6 C).

Testosterone – a male hormone, which is also produced in the testes, it is involved in sperm production and its accumulation. During intercourse, the man devotes about 3.5 g of seed, which contains about 300,000 sperm.


The man produces two kinds of sperm:

  • sperm – X
  • sperm – Y.

spermDuring the conception, one sperm joins the egg, which determines the sex of the baby (a girl, if the egg is connected to the sperm – X, and a boy, if the egg is connected to the sperm – Y). These different types sperm have different properties.

Sperm – X has an oval head, fast speed of movement, longer life, greater power. They are fewer compared with sperm – Y.

Sperm – Y has a round head, greater speed, lower life expectancy, more fragile, a large number compared to the sperm – H.


Women have two ovaries and the uterus. The egg develops into an ovary under the influence of the female hormone estrogen. With a monthly cycle the ovum comes out of the ovary (this process is called ovulation), after which it moves in the Fallopian tubes into the uterus.

If there is a connection with the sperm (conception), the egg begins to divide, thus creating a new body, which is called a zygote. It begins as a surprising phenomenon – the development of your unborn baby. Note also that when a woman has an orgasm, her body releases a liquid having an alkaline reaction. This may contribute to the connection with the ovum is sperm – Y, if the allocation of said liquid occurs before ejaculation.


The woman’s body releases only one type of egg – the egg – X. Sometimes several eggs are released, and if each of them is fertilized by sperm, the birth of twins or even triplets is possible. In such cases, each fertilized egg is the beginning of an organism of a brother and a sister with individual characteristics. It happens also that the fertilized egg divides, creating a replica of the first body, which leads to the birth of identical twins.Egg


The monthly cycle of women is very important to determine the ovulation period. Usually it is 28 days, but the duration may sometimes stray and increase or decrease even in the same woman.

Under the influence of the female hormone estrogen the uterus expands to create favorable conditions for possible fertilization. If fertilization does not occur during the cycle, the shell peels off the uterine wall and comes out as the menstrual flow. Note important:

the first day is usually the most abundant on the bleeding;
bleeding usually last about five days;
14th day is usually the ovulation day, if the cycle is 28 days, but it can vary.

For absolute certainty the woman should measure and mark in her chart basal body temperature for two months. This is best done in the morning, before you get up out of bed. As a rule, it corresponds to the day of ovulation in the graph, when a woman’s body temperature drops gradually and then sharply increases by approximately 0.5 pp.

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Some women feel pain when the egg comes out and lots of hormones excrete. Apecial tool to accurately measure the peak of hormones emissions in the blood during ovulation can be freely purchased at any pharmacy.

How to conceive a boy? Conceive a girl?

In this game there can be only three members:

  • egg – X
  • sperm – X
  • sperm – Y.

How to conceive a boy

The result has two possible options:

  • egg – X fertilized by sperm X,  which gives XX (conceiving a  girl)
  • egg – X fertilized by sperm – Y, which gives XY (conceiving a boy).

How to conceive a boy

You want to sperm – Y to be present in large numbers and make their way to the egg faster and easier. To do this you first need to calculate the time of ovulation and stop sexual activity for a while for the accumulation of sperm. You will read below about the influence of alkaline and a special diet.

To increase the likelihood of conceiving a boy

Avoid sexual intercourse for 3-4 days before the calculated date of ovulation. This will help increase the amount of sperm;
discard hot tubs and insulated underwear for men at least a week prior to conception;
remember that conception should happen only once during ovulation, in the next few days, it is recommended to use a condom;
remember that in the ideal woman should reach orgasm before the man;
enjoy a longer prelude for the maximum emission of sperm;
choose a position, when a man enters the woman from behind ( “doggy style”);
remember that during orgasm the man should penetrate into the woman as deep as possible;
the man should drink a cup of coffee or a glass of carbonated lemonade with caffeine two hours prior to conception, which will help increase the sperm amount;
please note that after the sexual intercourse the duration of consolidation of the sperm is 20 minutes, if the woman is relaxed;
try to avoid the use of synthetic lubricants.

How to conceive a girl

In this case, you want to make sperm – X more. Calculate the time of ovulation. Since the life span of sperm – X is longer, you need to make a conception 3 days prior to ovulation. This means that basically sperm – X will survive and it will fertilize the egg cell after 3 days. About the influence of acid irrigation and a special diet, you will learn later.

To increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl (for simplicity of explanation, consider the 14th day of the cycle the ovulation day)

Have intercourse frequently from 5 th to 8 th day of the cycle. And in this case, X – sperm in the semen will prevail on the 9th, 10th and 11th day the sexual act takes place once a day, listening to the advice given below;
be aware that the best position in this case is “face to face”;
pinch the prelude and excitement to a minimum;
remember that during orgasm the man should sit back and penetrate into the woman not very deep;
during conception, do not use synthetic lubricants;

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abstain from sex on the 12th, 13th and 14th days, and at least two more days after ovulation, otherwise be sure to use a condom.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Frequent sex to lower the amount of sperm Yes! Yes!
Yes! No sex No sex Ov.  No sex No sex No sex

Mini calendar below will help you sort out how to conceive a girl:

Yes! – Have sex in accordance with the advice given on this page.
Ov. – The time of ovulation.
No sex – no sexual intercourse without contraception, only condoms.

Determine the sex of your baby

In any case, the attempt to determine the sex of the baby is pleasant because:

  • it strengthens your relationship;
  • you try something new;
  • you have more sex;
  • you discuss it together.

Determine the sex of your baby

So “be fruitful and multiply.” Just remember that every child – a gift to his family and the whole world quite apart from what he floor.

How to behave before pregnancy, during and after?

Try to only eat healthy foods, take vitamins and folic acid. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and Parties stress. Try to read during pregnancy good book. Avoid weight gain.

Breastfeeding lasted about six months. This is very useful for both the child and the mother. And then try to get the child used in food high quality dairy products (instead of whole milk) to 16-18 months.

How to behave before pregnancy, during and afterIf you have a camcorder, make one-minute video and record each week, starting with the last three months of pregnancy and up to a few years early age. See this video magazine annually on the day of the birth of your baby. Try to fully enjoy the early age of the child, as children grow up very quickly.

Some components

Attention! Before making any douching, which can influence the microflora of your vagina, you should consult with your physician, gynecologist or obstetrician.

Alkaline vaginal douching immediately before sexual intercourse (which can assist conceive a boy): two tablespoons of baking soda per cup of boiling water (the water should first boil, then cool to room temperature) Mix in a disinfected container for irrigation. The composition is usable for two hours.

Acid / Acetic douching immediately before sexual intercourse (which can assist fertility girl): two tablespoons of vinegar per liter mug of boiled water. Mix in a disinfected container for irrigation. The composition is usable for two hours.


Power expectant mother should include plenty of foods containing potassium and sodium, including vegetables, meat, salt (a little), fish, bananas and chocolate (not too much!), A month before the boy’s attempt conception. A month before trying to conceive a girl you want to include in your diet plenty of foods containing calcium and magnesium, such as, for example, milk, cheese, cereals, beans and nuts.

Influence of special power most insignificant of all the effects described here. The most important general rule – is to stick to a healthy diet at a time when you want to get pregnant.

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Signs on the sex of the child

To conceive a boy, conceive devochkuEsli your baby’s heartbeat often, then it’s a girl, but if slow, the boy.
If the expectant mother want sweet, it’s a girl, but if I want to sour, it’s a boy.
If the stomach is increased upward, it’s a girl; if downward, boy.
If the expectant mother often want to sleep, it will be a girl; if, on the contrary, it is full of energy, boy.
If the child is pushed in the abdomen, it’s a girl; if pushed closer to the top of the stomach, it’s a boy.
If the expectant mother prefers to sleep on his right side, then it waits for the girl; if she likes to sleep on her left side, she is waiting for the boy.
If your hair is colored with my grandmother, so there will be a girl; if a gray, boy.
If the expectant mother stomach expands more in the hand, then the girl; if it increases up and down, it’s a boy.Signs on the sex of the child

Schedule ovulation

1. Use a special thermometer that can be purchased at any drug store, to measure your basal body temperature. Get a special form for daily reading levels.

2.Izmeryayte temperature at the same time every morning before you get out of bed. Keep the account within two months.

3.V.O. – The time of ovulation occurs when a slight drop in temperature precedes sudden increase it (0.5-1 C).

4.Obychno ovulation will result in 14 days before the start of a new cycle. For example, a cycle of 28 days, ovulation takes place on the 14th day of the cycle (28 – 14 = 14); if the cycle is 34 days, ovulation falls on the 20th day (34 – 14 = 20).

Schedule ovulation

Also it should be noted that during ovulation observed increased release vaginal lubrication.

Readers are cautioned

Compiled in this article does not assume any whatsoever responsibility for the complications that directly or indirectly involve the use of tips given above. Due to the fact that the composer of many things begged for ease of understanding, an ambiguous interpretation of what was said. The compiler does not provide professional medical advice, but only advised – decide to accept or not to accept tips to follow to what you read, or do not follow, you can just directly.

If you can not get pregnant at all, then you should not do anything that may reduce sperm count, as it reduces your ability to conceive a child to naught. The number of sperm may be temporarily reduced if you try achat girl.

If your monthly cycle is relatively unstable, there may be a number of difficulties with the implementation of tips for conceiving a girl, the data here as ovulation may occur earlier than you expected.

In any case, you should consult on everything that describes your gynecologist, obstetrician whether the therapist.

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