5 principle causes of thrush

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Statistic indicates that each 2nd woman suffers thrush symptoms. What is the reason of this upsetting disease and how to prevent the recurrence?

A Thrush (Candidiasis) is a mycotic infection which occurs as a result of some other health problems. Its symptoms won’t disappear until a person has problems with its organism, even if a proper treatment has been applied. Moreover, a set of Candida fungus variety (about 155 kinds) provoke this disease. The most commonly encountered are candidaalbicans. A simple medical examination to candidiasis detects its number. They may be in our body in a small number. However, unpleasant symptoms show itself when the number goes up significantly. And if there is a chronic thrush, one needs to take a serious approach to this problem. So, what are those factors which results in a thrush?


Sweet products

Sweet products, excess of farinaceous food change the acidity of vaginal environment. Firstly, gastrointestinal track problems crop up because of malnutrition, the intestine micro flora is changing; it results in disbacteriosis, then – Candidiasis. So, apart from a required treatment, it is necessary to stint yourself in sweet, smoked, salt products consumption and go on a special diet.


If a thrush is exacerbates in the second part of a cycle, then the reason of a problem is hormones. The matter is that after ovulation, the progesterone concentration is increasing and the general immunity is a bit reduced. The same situation happens after during the pregnancy. The micro flora of vagina is changing and candida funguses are livening up. The same happens with oral contraceptives: it also influents our organism and the immune system. If a woman is healthy, she won’t notice any changes. But if there is some chronic disease, then oral contraceptives can stimulate candidiasis symptoms. Furthermore, some endocrine diseases, as diabetes mellitus, may trigger off thrush sharpening.

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They save us from malignant bacterium and useful microflora as well: lacto-bacterium from the intestine and vagina. These microbes exactly control the candida funguses growth. When there is a lack of lacto-bacterium, harmful funguses are multiplying in a great amount. By taking antibiotics, immune system is weakening and it triggers off the thrush.


Inappropriate treatment

Freaquently, Candidiasis is sharpening after a sexual intercourse. In this case this is the result of microflora’s metabolism. Sometimes, men are carrier of a fungus but they don’t even suspect it. A woman can treat this disease many times, but if a partner doesn’t have a proper treatment – thrush symptoms go back to you.

Every woman should be examined by gynecologist and do a smear test at least one time a year. Moreover, if there are any complaints, as itch, burning, unpleasant discharge, it is recommended to visit a specialist promptly as it may be symptoms of some other problem. Never practice self-treatment!

Inappropriate treatment


Most time, herpes virus is in its passive state. It becomes more active when the immune system is weakened. Then it results in candidiasis. The thrush won’t be cured if one doesn’t treat herpes, which may worry you when you have even a simple cold.

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