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Hair dyeing under pregnancy

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 Women used to cut, dye their hair and change their look very often. However, many people frighten future mothers and advise them to avoid any hair changes within this period. So, is it so harmful for a fetus?

There are so many myths and rumors around a gestation period, besides, pregnant women are so gullible.

Medical aspects of hair dyeing

Many women worry too much about this question. They ask doctors whether such procedures may harm their fetus or its development.

Medical aspects of hair dyeing

In fact, the world has never seen any special researches with hair dyes during a pregnancy. However, some women frequently dye, lighten and cut their hair, starting from the very early terms. Moreover, such procedures don’t affect their health and fetus development by no means.

It is known that longstanding researches didn’t show any connection between hair dyeing and some negative consequences for one’s health. Once there was a hullabaloo about hair dye negative affection for children as far as its agents increase the risk of oncology developments in a child. Unfortunately, this fact didn’t find any scientific arguments. Thus, such procedure is not forbidden taking into account modern advancement of science on this issue.

Doctors also pay attention that women get many positive emotions due to their beauty as far as a woman with a big tummy should like herself, and a little baby has to see the most beautiful woman in the world as soon as he or she open their eyes. Therefore, if you want to visit a beauty shop, do it! However, ones should keep in mind some safety rules.

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Hair and scalp during the pregnancy

Don’t forget that a gestation period changes one’s body, especially it effects the immune system, thus, a woman may suffer from an allergic skin reaction even if she had never faced with this problem before.

This period also affects a hormonal background, which may spoil hair, scalp and hair structure. These factors result in greasy hair or make them fragile.

Hair and scalp during the pregnancyMoreover, the hormonal background fluctuations weaken hair and if you want to dye it it’s necessary to apply additional care procedures. You will need to use different masks and balsams for hair, wheys and even haircuts in order to refresh your look and cut split ends.

Well, you can undergo a care hair course on a beauty salon or apply such agents at home. The main point is to choose these agents with natural vegetable components.

Tips of professional hairdressers

Specialists recommend taking into account the next significant factors under this period. Though we still don’t know whether it is harmful to dye our hair within this period or not, it’s better to perform such procedures after the 12th week when all fetus organs and systems started their formation process, while the hormonal background is even. Then the dyeing results will be more predictable.

A pregnant woman should pay attention to innovations in hair dyeing – an organic dyeing. These dyeing agents consist of 95% – 100% of natural raw materials, and these products have never been tested on animals. In spite of the fact that such kind of procedure is not cheap, it is a perfect choice for pregnant women.

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For example, let’s have a look at the next popular brands as Organic Colour Systems, Aveda, Lebel. They have a wide tint palette and you can find your favorite shade, from blond to dark – hair as well as unnatural hair tints.

Besides, if you want to dye your hair by means of henna, basma or their mixture in different proportions, you should buy them in a well – known salon, otherwise you will get bad result.

If you buy a hair-dyeing product for domestic usage, then pay attention to its composition. Don’t buy hair care products which contain aminephenol, dihydroxybenzene or phenylenediamine . Normally, cheap long – lasting hair dyes contain these agents.

Tips of professional hairdressers

Cheap hair dyes often contain salts of heavy metals or toxic agents, which are very harmful for one’s health. It is not desirable to use products, which contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

In general, specialists recommend asking a real professional to perform this procedure for you. You should also notify this person about your pregnancy in advance in order to minimize contacts of the dye with your head. It’s better to start dyeing process in the morning to avoid excess vapors of previous procedures and perms.

If you decided to dye your hair at home, use special gloves and do it in a well – vented room. Follow the time limit strictly and try to wash the dye in time.

Of course it’s better to stint yourself in any dyeing procedures and try a high – light hair dyeing. Such procedure doesn’t touch a scalp, except separate strands only. If you want to freshen up your color, then try tinted shampoos, as they are not toxic.

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If you have never dyed your hair before…

In this case, specialists advise any dyeing products as such procedures spoil the hair structure and decolorize them.

Therefore, it’s recommended to dye hair after the childbirth.

If your hair is light then chose tinted shampoos to get tinting and high – lighting effects without changing your natural color. Thus, you and your baby’s health will be safe.

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