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Castor oil. An effective remedy for skin and hair regeneration

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Castor oil is a real windfall for our skin and hair. In spite of its cheapness, its unique properties help to fight with a great number of problems. We advise you to know more about this magic product if you need to regenerate your skin and hair in a short space of time.

Castor oil is the Palma Christi oily product. Its components help to moisturize dry skin and hair. In addition, this Castor oil fights with pigmentary spots and smooths the wrinkles, removes scars and stimulates the growth of eyelashes.

Castor oil: Skin care

Castor oil is an indispensable agent for dry and fading skin. It evens the skin, feeds it and solves the problem of small wrinkles. If you apply the castor oil on pigmentary spots or freckles, they will disappear very soon.

 Skin care

Castor oil is a good remedy for the skin round eyes, irrespectively of the skin type. Thus, it protects a gentle skin from early aging. All you need is to apply the castor oil on a damp skin round eyes one hour before you go to bed. Keep in mind, that you will get edemas in the morning if you apply this oil under eyes and go to bed at once.

Castor oil has a heavy structure thus, it’s recommended to mix it with some basic oils for better absorbability (1:2). A perfect pair for this oil is almond or olive oils. Don’t forget to damp your skin and then apply the oils.

If you don’t want to use oils regularly, but you skin is dry and fading with the first signs of aging, then you can do a compress with the castor oil two times a week. Heat up the oil on a water bath, soak a napkin and apply on a face for 30 minutes. Use a tonic to remove the rests of the oil.

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Life hacking: If you want to make the masks work more effectively, then do compresses when you take a bath as far as a steamed skin absorbs oils much better.

Castor oil: Hare care

Castor oil is a perfect remedy for hair regeneration. Poor dyeing, dryness by nature or after holidays on seashore…don’t worry about these problems anymore. This oil also favors the hair growth. Besides, it strengthens the roots and prevents hair fallout.

You can use this oil in pure form, applying on dry hair or mix it with the other basic oils. One of the best oil pair for this product is avocado oil 1:1. Apply this mass for 30 minutes.

Hare care

Life hacking: If you don’t have any problems with hair dryness, but you need to protect them from splitting, then apply castor oil on the ends for 5 minutes before washing.

It should be known that castor oil is a good remedy to take care of eyelashes and eyebrows. It strengthens their structure and stimulates the growth. Thus, if you have thin eyelashes, you should use the castor oil to make them longer and thicker. Just apply this remedy on eyelashes and eyebrows half an hour before you go to sleep.

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