10 Tips: How to get rid of blackheads and black spots on the face?

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How to clean the pores without harming or damaging the skin?

1. Forget about home mechanical cleaning. Squeezing the black dots, you will only injure and stretch the pores. As a result, they will be contaminated even more.

 ultrasonic cleaning over this methodAlso cosmetologists prefer ultrasonic cleaning over this method. After this your face will not look as if you have been bitten by a swarm of bees. Do this procedure 2-3 times a month and forget about the black spots.

2. If you’re looking for an answer to the question how to get rid of blackheads at home, there is your first ally – mask based on white clay. Cosmetics made of this natural absorbent  remove the excess part of the sebaceous glands, narrow pores, mitigate inflammations, matte, give the skin freshness and eliminate toxins. In addition to the main component, clearing masks typically include zinc for the regulation of the sebaceous glands, and plant extracts (aloe vera, burdock, rosemary, etc.), providing an antibacterial effect and relieving the irritation.

 mask based on white clay

Often the formulas of the masks are complemented with soothing and moisturizing ingredients (vegetable glycerin, oat extract and algae, pro-vitamin B5).

3. If you have combination skin, you are probably looking for a way to get rid of blackheads on your nose or chin. The solution is elementary – apply a mask with white clay, just a dense layer on the problem areas!

just a dense layer on the problem areas

But in any case avoid delicate areas around the eyes and the mouth (these facial areas tend to get dry because of the lack of sebaceous glands).

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4. In the fight against skin imperfections and clogged pores new-fangled gadgets can help. Daily use of Clarisonic and Philips devices can cope with the problem no worse than a beautician. After their use the pores get markedly narrowed and the skin is not scratched due to verified microvibrations of the brush. In two weeks the question of how to get rid of blackheads will cease to bother you.

5. For those who used to trust only their hands, skin smoothness provide gels with exfoliating particles, balms, foams and other tools for everyday use. Their range is now extremely wide. Choose what suits you best for your skin type, taste, texture and budget. It is important not to forget to enjoy them in the morning and evening, and then moisturize the skin.

6. In order to avoid clogging of the pores, use modern light products, like BB and CC-creams, rather than dense tonal bases and powders.BB and CC-creams

Because they are water-based, they do not clog the pores and do not cause inflammation, so they are suitable for the owners of oily and combination skin. You won’t even need to use any powder: the skin will look smooth, matte, and most importantly – natural.

7. It is necessary to revise your lifestyle, too. If you are concerned about how to get rid of blackheads, you need to first of all stop eating fatty food, fast food, sweets, alcohol, etc. These products only worsen the condition of the skin, causing a release of excess sebum. Conversely, the consumption of foods rich in fiber, protein, vitamins A and E helps to improve digestion, and, therefore, the skin becomes healthier. It makes sense to think about a detox diet.

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8. Actress Scarlett Johansson knows how to get rid of blackheads on the face with the help of improvised means: “I do not buy tonics: they are a bunch of chemicals that irritate my sensitive skin. Beautiful tubes I replace with a bottle of apple cider vinegar. It leads to normal acid-alkaline balance and removes dead skin particles. ”

9. Special patches, which are often sold in pharmacies, will help you urgently get rid of blackheads on your nose.Special patchesYou just need to stick a patch to the problem area and then remove it together with pollution. It is simple, quick, effective and inexpensive. However, this means will not solve the problem of blackheads fundamentally.

10. With age, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. Therefore, the pores are stretched and, acquiring a large oval shape, they are not only visually older, but they also cast a shadow, which is why the skin looks dull.anti-agingTo avoid this effect, use anti-aging and lifting means, which narrow the pores, and add clarity to the facial contours.

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