Uterine tone during pregnancy: causes and treatment

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Pregnancy is the most wonderful period of each woman. The important factors of normal pregnancy are calmness and harmony as the child’s and mother’s health, as well as successful childbirth, depend on these principle points. Unfortunately, in most cases, it happens in a different way.

Lately, pathology during the pregnancy is considered to be a rule. According to statistics, pathology department of maternity hospital has always been empty; today, there is no place for pregnant women left. The most frequent diagnosis is uterine tone.

This article will help you to take care of your health during pregnancy, as this is the top-priority task because the uterine tonus may threaten to sad consequences. Uterine tone is one of reasons of incorrect way of life, chronic stress and overwork. It should be remembered, this tone does not mean a possible abortion. Let’s learn how to diagnose it and treat this problem in time.

your health during pregnancy

First of all, calm down. Sometimes doctors intentionally or due to lack of knowledge aggravate the problem; such situation affects mother’s and baby’s health. Painful commentaries of a doctor urge a woman to google such terms like “pregnancy” and “uterine tone”.

In general, uterine tone is uncontrolled reduction in a womb to provoke a possible abortion. However, there are some other consequences of such tone. Let us learn the concept of a normal uterine tone.

The womb is an organ which consists of muscular tissue. The walls have 3 layers:

  • The 1st layer covers the womb with a thin pellicle on the outside;
  • There is a muscular layer in the middle of external and internal layers, called “myometrium”. It consists of connective tissue fibers;
  • Endometrium is lined inside the womb.

Supertension of uterine during pregnancy is provoked by tissue fibers which are usually reduced as a rule. In case of a normal pregnancy course, uterine muscles are relaxed, called normosthenia. If there are stress and overexertion, muscle fibers are reduced; the tone and pressure of the wombs are increased.

A woman may suffer from the uterine tone over the whole period of the pregnancy. Usually, the uterine tone of the 2nd term is provoked by overwork and incorrect way of life. In case a woman has the tone in the 3rd term, it may result in preterm delivery; thus much effort should be applied to nurse it finally.

Preparation for childbirth

Both mother and her body are expecting a baby. The womb is increasing due to the growth of muscle fiber. Also, the number of ferments, calcium, glycogen and other microelements goes up as it is necessary for uterine action during labour.

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Preparation for childbirth

Causes of normosthenia

So, one should have a normal uterine tone in order to have successful labour. Hypersthenia is provoked by some processes dysfunction to cause normosthenia.


All human organs, including the womb, are stuffed with nerve endings and receptors. Uterus nerve ends put up a signal to CNS and ANS, i.e. central and autonomic nervous systems. At the beginning of the pregnancy, CNS receives impulses in order to alert the brain about that. The brain hampers lots of nervous processes and the pregnancy becomes the most important event in woman’s life. Now, everything else is pushed to the sidelines. If a woman had a strongest emotional upset or fear, the feed points may be formed. They affect the dominant of pregnancy and trigger off increase of uterine tone.

Within 39 weeks of pregnancy, uterine receptors and spinal cord have reduced excitability which benefits normal pregnancy course. By the moment of childbirth, excitability of spinal cord goes up.

Progesterone and Fetoplacental system

Hormones are also responsible for normal course of pregnancy. Progesterone plays a major role till the 10th week of the pregnancy. This hormone is produced in ovary, called yellow body. It is formed at the place of ovum exit and it goes to uterine tube. Within the period of pregnancy, the yellow body of ovary is being transformed into yellow body of pregnancy and stimulates estrogen and progesterone production till the 10th week of the pregnancy. Then it decreases with progesterone synthesis.

Progesterone is the major component of normal pregnancy course and uterine tone. It decreases the ability of uterine to be reduced and diminishes intestine tone. That is the reason of possible constipations. Progesterone influences CNS, thus, a lot of women suffer from tiredness.

Fetoplacental system

It consists of liver, adrenal cortex and placenta of a woman and a child. FPS stimulates production of estriol – hormone to regulate blood circulation on the womb and placenta. In case of dysfunction of this hormone production and FPS work, aperiodicities may be developed.

The causes of Uterine tone

A lot of women face such problem as uterine tone during pregnancy. The reasons of this complication are different problems.

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The causes of Uterine tone

Uterine tone at the initial terms of pregnancy is provoked by incorrect hormones production. The major hormone, to be responsible for normal uterine tone, is progesterone. The quality of its production depends on numerous conditions. If there is a deficit of progesterone, an abortion may happen.

Here is a list of conditions to be short of progesterone:

  • Genital infantilism is the atelia of genital system organs. In such cases, a womb is being reduced because of the strong pressure.
  • Hyperandrogenism is an increased number of men’s hormones in woman’s body to be produced by adrenal glands. This problem occurs long before pregnancy: dysfunction of menstrual cycle, excess hair and skin problems to be aggravated before menses. Sometimes, hyperandrogenism has no symptoms and then blood analysis is required.
  • Hyperprolactinemia is an increased number of prolactin in blood of a woman. This hormone is produced by hypophysis. In case of such deviation, infertility is possible to be developed. Before the pregnancy, hyperprolactinemia stimulates milk discharges from nipples and irregular cycle.

Before pregnancy comes, the infertility, endometriosis or myomas warn you about hormones production problems in the organism. Such aperiodicities may be the reason of increased tone and abortion.

Apart from hormones and nervous problems, there are some other preconditions for uterine tone. The reasons lie in the tissues of uterine walls and fibers:

  • Endometriosis – a growth of a membrane inside of the womb at the non –typical regions.
  • Myoma – benign tumor of the womb.
  • Early inflammation disease both of the womb and appendages.

Uterine tone may be developed due to high water level, multiple pregnancy and too big fetus. In case of dysfunction of CNS, the process of muscle contraction control in the womb is being muddled; it leads to increase of the tone. The other causes are too hard physical activity, chronic stress, infectious and inflammatory diseases, for instance, ARD, flu, pyelonephritis.

Symptoms of uterine tone during pregnancy

Apply to a doctor as soon as possible, in case you feel underbelly pain. Even backache at the initial terms warns you about changes of organism in order to accept the fetus and to coexist with it.

Nevertheless, you feel contractions and underbelly pain which define uterine tone; thus, it is recommended to apply to a qualified specialist urgently.

Diagnosis of uterine tone during pregnancy

In case a woman complains of the underbelly pain and lumbago, then there is possibility of uterine tone: belly and womb is being turned to stone or a woman complains of bloody discharges.

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Diagnosis of uterine tone during pregnancy

In order to diagnose a problem, medics apply the next:

  • Palpation, i.e. belly touching and palpation of a pregnant woman. If she lies on the back the belly and the womb turn to stone in case of increased uterine tone.
  • Ultrasound defines local or total thickening of muscular layer womb.

In order to measure it, doctors apply special device with an embedded detector.

How to get rid of the uterine tone?

In case you have such a diagnosis, do not worry! The stress only provokes aggravation of the tone and hampers to get rid of it.

 healthy life-style

Treatment and Preventive measures

First of all, consult a doctor the way to lower the tone during pregnancy. Usually, a doctor prescribes bed rest, sedatives in order to reduce spasms and general womb activity. As a rule a treatment takes place in a hospital only. If a woman is short of progesterone, a doctor prescribes Utrogestan or Duphaston, various spasmolytics as No-spa, Papaverini. It is important to control sugar, heartbeat and pressure within the period of the treatment.

Magne B6

This drug supplies an organism with B6 vitamin. It is also prescribes in case of an abortion threat or hypersthenia of the womb. The increased magnesium content lets improve metabolic processes in organism and heighten immune system; it also helps to strengthen nervous system. Magne B6 is vitally required, especially, within the period of carrying of a pregnancy. It contains a large number of pyridoxine, B6 vitamin namely. This component plays a major role in metabolic processes and strengthens nervous system. It raises the level of blood absorption and magnesium cells. Consult a doctor before you take this drug! Usually, the average time to take this drug is a month. After normalization of B6 level you should stop taking this medicine. The dosage for adults is 3-4 ampoules a day; for children is10-30mg/kg, i.e. 1-4 ampoules a day. Adults take Magne B6 in tablet form (6-8 pills). Children – 4-6 pills a day.

In conclusion, one should remember that healthy life-style, full-blown sleep, absence of stresses and physical activity, giving-up of harmful habits is the earnest of mother’s and your baby’s health! Good luck and do not worry!

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