How to treat inflammation of ovaries?

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Inflammation of ovaries or uterine appendages (including uterine tubes) is a disease, which leads to serious consequences: hormonal disorders, sterility and early climax. This article is going to tell you about the core reasons of this disease and a possibility to get rid of this malady forever. Keep in mind that being a healthy person means to be successful.

The inflammation of ovaries

Our grandmothers used to forbid us to sit on cold benches and concrete slabs in our childhood. Well, they were partly right, but this disease may occur due to some other reasons.

The inflammation of ovaries or oophorites assumes acute and chronic form. In case the inflammation touches the all appendages, then it is adnexitis. It occurs due to the infection of generation organs and vagina. Sometimes, the infection of abdominal cavity and urinary systems cause the inflammation, namely, streptococcic, staphylococcal and gonorrheal infections or tuberculosis.

The inflammation of ovaries

Moreover, ovaries inflammation is also may be provoked because of hormonal background disorder or immune system weakening. Overcooling, regular stresses, menstrual cycle dysfunction and hormonal preparations intake also cause different inflammations.

For example, an acute underbelly pain, fever, poor general state indicate a concrete inflammation unlike chronic diseases. A torpid inflammation due to unhealed acute process leads to serious abnormalities in a reproductive function of a woman. Such inflammation causes adhesions in and around uterine tubes; thus, they become impassable and it triggers off a tubal sterility.

Besides, ovary tissue inflammation disrupts a regularity of menstrual cycles and the period becomes painful with a large or little amount of discharges. In this case libido goes down and a sex doesn’t bring any pleasure.

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Tips to treat the inflammation

First of all it’s necessary to know that adnexitis can’t be treated by means of folk remedies. Your health is very important and if you noticed any discomfort, you should apply to a doctor.

Tips to treat the inflammation

The adnexitis should be treated by a gynecologist; in case of an acute process or poor condition a patient should be hospitalized to a gynecological departments or stay at home in the outpatient setting and undergo the gynecological procedures.

An acute process

In case of an acute adnexitis ,a doctor should prescribe antibiotics. They should be chosen taking into account inoculation of flora from genitals as far as inflammation is usually caused by specific microbes, which can’t be treated by usual antibio-therapy, such as mycoplasma, сhlamydias or gonococci.

However, apart from microflora suppression to cause the inflammation, anesthesia, anti-inflammation therapy is required.

In case of intoxication, a dropper with appropriate solutions to egest toxins and microbes waste products is used. In addition, a doctor should prescribe vitamins and antioxidants to fight with the inflammation. Besides, antibiotics intake affects the fungus multiplication, that’s why a woman should get an injection of metrohyl. It suppressed the harmful funguses and microbes.

How to treat inflammation of ovaries

If there is suppuration or liquid in and around appendages, then laparoscopy surgery under anesthetic is applied. As far as a woman gets better, immuno-stimulating therapy stage begins. Such measures are necessary in order to fight with the infection and stimulate tissues regeneration.

Steps to be taken in case of a chronic infection

The inflammation usually takes a hidden course, gradually changing into a chronic form. As to the therapy principles, they should be also modified. Antibiotics in this case should be prescribed in case of the disease exacerbation or to suppress a causative agent. It is very important to select antibiotics taking into account the inoculation of sensitivity.

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Apart from the listed above agents, a patient should also take immunomodulatory preparations to activate lymphocytes so as to fight with the infection. A doctor usually prescribes Cycloferon, Viferon, Echinaceae and Galavit preparations.

If you feel some pain, it is necessary to start taking anti-inflammatory and anesthetic agents, such as rectal suppositories with Diclophenacum effect. A perfect method to get rid of chronic inflammations are punctate massage and acupuncture.

Psychotherapy and optimistic mood play a significant role in a treatment process. It is proven that a regenerative period takes very long time in hysteroid and apathic personalities. That is why one should think positively as to the soonest recuperation.

Remission period

It is very easy to treat chronic adnexitis within the remission when the basic remedies are resolving adhesions and physiotherapy. Resolving therapy uses tampons with medical muds, magnetotherapy and ultrasound, electrophoresis in loin and ovaries regions.

One of the most effective methods to treat adnexitis within the remission stage is a hirudotherapy (leeches treatment).

Preventive measures and treatment

Another effective method to treat chronic gynecological pathology is climatotherapy and sanatorium treatment. These methods combine curative measures and psychotherapy: a woman changes the atmosphere and gets rest physically and morally from the problems, diseases and gains the needed strength.

Remission period

For example, Russian health resorts are allowed for patients half a year later since the last annexitis exacerbation and acute process. As to Crimea and Caucasus regions or Krasnodar Territory, it’s recommended to visit these places after 8 – 10 months after the last acute attack of the disease.

The most effective and healthy resort procedures are mud therapy, bathes with mineral waters and massages, sea bathing, physio – procedures and sea air.

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Moreover, hormonal contraceptives are also applied to treat ovary inflammation. Such preparations let the ovary normalize a menstruation cycle. It is advisable to take these drugs for half a year at average; if you stopped taking them, a pregnancy is possible.

In case commissural process takes a large volume of the small pelvis, and there are liquid accumulation or suppurative focus, then a surgery interference are required. Unfortunately, in these cases it’s rather difficult to reach the complete recuperations. That’s why it’s better to spare oneself, follow the hygiene and visit your genealogist regularly.

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