Cycle dysfunction: 5 reasons of menstrual cycle abnormality

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To date menstrual cycle abnormality is considered to be one of the most widespread gynecological deviations. Almost, each woman suffers from this problem during her life period. However, one should differ a temporal malfunction, caused by stresses and regular delays. This article will tell you how to correct and stabilize your biological rhythm.

Due to geographical location, women have their first menstruation at a different age. As a rule, it comes between 12 and 13,5 years old. The cycle becomes more settled within the first year. Nevertheless, this year should have no less than 8 cycles.

In case a girl does not have her first menstruation after 14, then she needs to be examined by a doctor.

The time cycle begins starting from the first days of the menstruation till the beginning of the next one: 21 days at the minimum and 33 days at the maximum. One has a serious problem in case of 14 days delay and more (up to 6 months) – such condition is called oligoovulation. Sometimes the menstruation comes too often.

On the other hand, if you have a 21 – 22 days cycle over the years and suddenly it became longer, then it testifies some alarm tone. One should also pay attention to discharges time: for example, if this period reduced from 5 – 7 days up to 3 days.



  1. The most obvious cause of such abnormalities is an infection of small pelvis organs. Thus, first of all a woman should be examined for a possible causative agents, such as chlamydia, uroplasms, mycoplasms) and undergo an antiinflamatory treatment. In case the infection is detected, then such deviations will not be a problem in future.
  2. If the menstruation abnormality assumes hormonal dysfunction, then a serious interference should be applied. Such dysfunctions may appear on different sections of hormones development, thus, an appropriate examination is required. In addition, a doctor should ask you to examine your thyroid gland for its hyper functioning and activity reduction. Sometimes the problem is in adrenal glands function change.
  3. Hormonal deviations also occur in ovaries. However, the reasons may be different: high infectious index in childhood: regular colds on girls under 12.
  4. Rubella and chickenpox also affect follicles development in ovaries. The point is that teenagers don’t pay attention to this phenomenon and a real problem may be diagnosed a little bit later. Sometimes the menstruation cycle deviation reflects numerous causes, including hormonal ones.
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The necessity of hormonal correction

hormonal correction

This issue requires an individual approach. In case a patient suffers from a light change of a hormonal background, such as 5 – 10 days of delay, then there is some structural pathology in ovaries. Thus, it’s desirable to regulate the cycle by means of homeopathic preparations, including a cyclic vitamin’s therapy.

Another non – medicament agent is physiotherapy. A comprehensive approach is required in order to reach a result.

You can also consult with medical psychologist, as far as hormonal changes also provoke acne and intensive hair growth problems.

One should also keep in mind that such treatment lasts for 9 – 10 months.

Other reasons of the menstrual cycle dysfunction

Advantages and disadvantages of the hormonal treatment

If a woman has obvious changes of her hormonal background with regular 2 – 3 days or even 6 months delays, then a hormonal correction won’t be enough.

hormonal treatment

Frequently, such patients have delays in her womb development. Fortunately, modern methods let such women solve this problem.

  1. Sometimes, follicular apparatus assumes a cycle dysfunction for the rest of woman’s life. Such phenomenon is called cystic disease. Usually, doctors control a condition of such patients at all times. If a long – term treatment is required then a doctor may prescribe other methods listed above between the courses of hormonal preparations.

Any woman is conserved about such kind of a treatment and how they can affect one’s appearance. The point is that a complex examination of patients with menstrual cycle dysfunctions includes a test for insulin.

In case a patient has an insulin resistance, then she has a chance to get better the condition by means of a hormone therapy. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved in other way, as far as drugs intake affects the appetite, instead of the weight. Due to this factor, a doctor may prescribe a hypocaloric diet. A woman also may notice the appetite increase.

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If she is ready to take care of her appearance, then she needs to count calories in order to have a stable weight. Some women also want to lose weight using this diet.


menstruation cycle dysfunction

First of all, the dysfunction of the cycle is connected with a risk of tumors development, such as, fibromyoma or ovarian cysts. These problems cause some specific pain. Moreover, the cyst may be ruptured. In this case, a surgical interference is required.

In the moment of a menstrual function delay, hormones continue its functioning. Gradually, a womb acquires definite layer, which should be ejected within the menstruation period.

However, the longer this menstruation is, the more risk to have a hyperplasia (internal layer thickening) and polyps.

If a woman doesn’t treat or remove them surgically more than 5 years, then there is 20 % risk to have oncological disease.

Due to poor hormones development and irregular cycle, there is also a threat of a potential sterility development. Sometimes ovaries can’t ripen because of an ovary cycle dysfunction: thus, a menstrual – like reaction happens instead of the full – blown menstruation.

It is understood that such situation is rather problematic for a possible pregnancy. Moreover, after the conception a woman faces with a risk of miscarriage.

So, one should pay a proper attention to the menstruation cycle dysfunction as such abnormality may live to rather serious problems.

Experts advise to visit a specialist in this sphere in case you notice any abnormalities.

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