Hemorrhoid. Causes and Folk Remedies to Treat Hemorrhoid. Prescriptions for Internal and External Use

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Many people suffer from hemorrhoid, but they are shy to consult a doctor about this problem. In fact, medicine has a separate branch, called proctology, for such maladies. Proctologists deal with large intestine problems, while hemorrhoid is their specialization. People have been learnt about this painful and dangerous disease since ancient times. Even Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna, the eastern doctor and other ancient Chinese healers wrote about this malady. That time this disease was classified into more than 20 kinds of hemorrhoids. For example, animals never have hemorrhoid. Despite of the fact that monkeys are considered to be our immediate relatives, they don’t suffer from it.

A person walks on two legs; that is why a center of gravity is in and around the pelvis. According to force of gravity law, blood goes down and may stagnate in legs. It results in varicose veins of small pelvis and rectum. Thus, if a man is inclined to hemorrhoid development?

It should be noted that not every person suffers from this disease.


There are 2 basic factors to cause hemorrhoid: internal and external ones.

Sedentary life is a reason of hemorrhoid development

Sedentary life is a reason of hemorrhoid development

One of such causes is sedentary way of life while working or studying: schoolboys or students may have this malady if they sit 8-10 hours a day. Besides, people neglect physical activity, have incorrect diet to provoke hemorrhoid. Drivers, programmers and accountants face this problem, as their work requires to sit for a long time. Perineal region is heated and it also triggers off hemorrhoid. Constant weight lifting of loaders and sportsmen develops the disease as well.

Incorrect Diet

Your diet is a significant factor. Definite products and alcohol provoke stagnation of blood and lead to enduring constipations. Besides, hemorrhoid develops too fast in case of constipations.

The fact of the matter is that dejection presses constantly the walls of intestine unevenly, so that one needs to make efforts to empty bowels. In case of veins varicose, inflammation of large intestine walls and fissures, hemorrhoid assumes a chronic character.

Causes of Hemorrhoid: Pregnancy and Labour

Pregnancy and labour is another risk factor as a woman bears a child and then bears it down; in this case hemorrhoid develops very quickly, especially if she has a hereditary predisposition. After the labour, venous distensibility of intestine is reduced; however, mostly, veins are enlarged for ever. Usually, a hemorrhoid is a separate disease; but nowadays, it indicates some other health problems: small pelvis or womb inflammation or ovaritis. Women’s hemorrhoid may attend cirrhosis. Men with hemorrhoid can have adenoma of prostate in this case.

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Causes of Hemorrhoid

It should be noted, hemorrhoid treatment doesn’t mean a surgical intervention a lot of patients are afraid of. Actually, proctologists prescribe a pharmacotherapy or advise folk remedies to treat it.

Hemorhoid: Folk Remedies Treatment

Decoctions for internal use

Perhaps you heard about lady’s thumb herbage; it has its name as the common people used to call it this way. The decoction is for internal use only. Cover 1 table spoon of crumbled lady’s thumb with ½ l of boiling water. Cook it on a small flame for 10-15 minutes, and then let it draw for 2 hours more, strain it and add ½ l of water. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day, 30 minutes before eating.

 Folk Remedies Treatment

Yarrow decoction to treat hemorrhoid

Cover 1 table spoon of crumbled dry herbage with 1 glass of boiling water. Let it draw for 2 hours and strain it. Take 2 table spoons 20 minutes before eating, 3-4 times a day.

Prepare nettle decoction the same way. Draw 2 table-spoons and drink 1/4 cup.

Folk remedies for external use

These remedies are more frequent used to treat the external hemorrhoid.

Cover crumbled alder with 1liter of boiled water, cook it on a small flame for 5-7 minutes and let it draw for an hour. Then strain and wring it down. Pour out a decoction into a small bath and sit there for 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure every day or every other day using lady’s thumb, oak bark or tormentil root.

You may use these decoctions to foment before going to bed, putting them on anus area. Pay attention that a decoction needs to be stronger than one for bathes – 1table spoon of herbage and ½ cup of boiling water. It is recommended to foment for an hour.

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Use natural honey to cure hemorrhoid. If there is no time to prepare decoctions, just put a honey suppository into anus. Form it, using firm honey and put it in a fridge for some time. Honey reduces inflammation, heals fissures, and kills microbes.

You can take chamomile bathes every day. A decoction has to be warm to quicken healing. Sea-buckthorn oil is a very efficient method to treat: prepare it by yourself of buy in a drugstore. Oil in and around anus several times a day.

Melissa to treat hemorrhoid

Another ancient recipe is Melissa usage. Press it out to get a sap. Just grind it and squeeze its sap. Do microclysters at night up to 12 days. It reduces inflamed piles, irritation and strengthens vascular walls.

Also, take internally herbal potion of buckthorn’s bark and nettle leafs. Mix it 1:1, cover with boiling water and leave it on a small flame for 10 minutes. Then let it draw half an hour more in a warm place and strain it.

Drink 1 big glass 4 times a day within 5-6 days. If you also follow a diet and do special gymnastics, you can easily treat hemorrhoid in several months.

It is better to start treatment in summer when herbage is fresh.

A Cause of Hemorrhoid: Constipation

Constipation Treatment using Folk Remedies

Of course, to treat hemorrhoid one needs to cure constipation firstly.

Seeds of flax. Coat tea spoon of seeds with 200 ml of water; boil it within 5 minutes and let it draw for 2 hours. Drink it before going to bed.


Herbal mixture: Take equal parts of mint, valerian, chamomile, buckthorn bark, cover it with boiling water and let it draw for 15 minutes. Then cool it and pass through a sieve. Drink ¼ of this potion before eating within 1 day.

Coat ground dandelion roots (1 table spoon) with 1 glass of boiled water in the evening and let it draw up to the next morning. Drink small portions during the next day.

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Cabbage brine with yeasts. You can also replace it with cucumber brine. Sometimes you can clyster, but do not apply to this method too often as your intestine has to function by itself. To clyster, use linseed: cover 1 table spoon with 800 ml of water and boil it; coot this potion and strain it, add 1 table spoon of salt and a little of linseed oil. This solution needs to be warm to clyster.

You should know, folk remedies do not guarantee the complete healing. It is recommended to apply to a doctor to figure out the cause of your malady. Maybe you have a gastrointestinal tract problem.

Improper diet and hemorrhoid

A diet plays a certain part in hemorrhoid development. Medicine researches indicate that this problem arises in case of a specific diet and hereditary predisposition. If to put all factors together, you are likely to get it. Veins Varicose and hemorrhoid is provoked by spicy products abuse, sandwiches, sweets, refined food and alcohol. As a rule, this diet includes few of vegetables and fruits, a great number of eggs, fish and fried meat (smoked and salt as well). This food is too fatty and trigger off hemorrhoid in case you combine it with alcohol.

Sometimes a person goes on a diet to lose weight. If you consume few vitamins and products, it leads to peristalsis dysfunction and results in constipation. Define a dietary pattern: if you eat at the same hours, take it by medium portions. Only a specialist can prescribe you the diet.

You need to drink no less than 1.5 l of water a day. Eat a lot of cellulose (vegetables and fruits). You may eat boiled or baked vegetables instead of raw ones (cereals, bran and rye bread). Take also active admixture of cellulose and seeds.

Pay attention that smoking provokes constipations as nicotine raises tonus of vessels and stresses them.

In case you have hemorrhoid, it is not advisable to use toilet paper, wet napkins to contain alcohol or chemical agents. Just wash anus region with cool water. Sometimes you may use wet toilet paper with herbage.

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