Bodyflex technique. The most effective fitness exercises

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Our experts destroyed the myth of Bodyflex respiration system. You will also learn about the exercise technique in details. Start training with us!

Antonina Kravets is an instructor of Bodyflex, Oxycise, Life Lift respiratory gymnastics and the leading coach of a BodyFlex studio. The author of modeling programs and face rejuvenation uses a respiratory technique and knowledges in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics in order to reach effective results in weight loss and adapt the respiratory technique to physiological specifics of the students to the maximum.

Body flex is a method of Greer Childers, an American coach.

This technique is based on five stages of ventral breathing, combined with weight loss exercises.


The main rules of exercises:

  1. Empty stomach (eat no later 4 hours before the training).
  2. The duration of the training makes up more than 1 hour.

Permanent respiratory delays over and above temporary standard are contraindicated.

Is it possible to master Bodyflex breathing by myself?

Taking into account my previous coach experience, beginners always do some mistakes. They use wrong techniques while breathing, moreover such exercises are unsafe. One should also keep in mind specifics of exercises performance, combined with the breathing. Only a skilled coach can regulate and control the movements mechanic, taking into account physiological peculiarities, such as curvature of spin, joints and traumas. After that, one can start performing exercises at home.

Why Bodyflex trainings don’t give any results?

Hormonal background disorder often leads to metabolism slowing down. That’s why one should be resigned to results absence within the first month of training. However, Bodyflex breathing technique favors metabolism normalization. “For example, doctors set a diagnose to Olya that she will be putting on weight, however they were really shocked when this girl visited a planned examination in half a month, being slim and toned up . And in half a year this girl changed her 52nd size to the 45th.” Thus, remember: “Keep putting your foot in front of the other”.

Plato effect comes since several months of regular exercises; usually it happens because of muscular habituation to the exercises (your coach will help you to change the program) or the breathing type. In several months breath – holding is not a problem anymore – thus, the training efficiency is reduced. Obviously, it should be complicated a little (there are 2 advanced Bodyflex versions to date) or you can use a similar technique (Oxycise).

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Can I combine Bodyflex with sport?

It is not advisable to combine Bodyflex with heavy physical loads or you won’t be able to become thin! It’s better to try swimming, callanetics or pilates.

Myths about Bodyflex

  • Do exercises only in the morning

Of course, this method assumed morning training as far as it is required to do exercises on an empty stomach.

However, Bodyflex breathing exercises are also effective in the evening if you have the last food intake 4 hours before the training.

  • Do exercises every day or you won’t become thin

I have never seen such significant results in kilos loss before. Even diets and massage are not so useful as this technique.

Three years ago, my client lost 72 cm (17 cm and 19 cm in waist and thighs) after 20 daily Bodyflex exercises. Nevertheless, the practice proves that if you do exercises 2 -3 times a week within 40 – 60 minutes, then you will definitely see the results (15 cm – 17 cm per month).

For examples, if you train your body during 3 weeks, then you can lose 27 cm!

  • Bodyflex trainings are not effective without diets

This technique works perfectly without any restrictions in food. You don’t even have to stint yourself in sweets.

Bodyflex breathing technique

Initial position: straighten your back (use your shoulders to do a round movement backward, try to connect shoulder blades), legs shoulder-width apart, palms are placed above the knees. Legs are bent slightly and look forward.

Bodyfex breathing technique

5 stages of breathing

Pay attention that your back and chest don’t move. This technique enables exceptionally your diaphragm!

Stage 1. Exhalation

Diaphragmatic exhalation: half – open your mouth to let the air pass and use your lips to form a tubule. Tone up your belly to the spinal column. As a result the air should be forced out by the diaphragm from your lungs and go out through your mouth.

It is recommended to tighten your belly upward. Try to make your tummy muscles work while breathing from the very beginning. Due to these movements, you are going to lose several cantimeters in waist and underbelly.

Stage 2. Exhalation

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Inhale and compress your lips. Don’t open your mouth and put your hand down. Now start lifting it up, and then inhale through the nose filling up your lungs with the air as much as possible.

Don’t forget to blow up your tummy. Your chest and shoulders should stay motionless while inhaling, otherwise you do exercise incorrectly. Fix your chin at the 45˚ end point relative to the ceiling. Don’t even think to throw back your head as it creates vertebras compression of cervical part.

Stage 3. Exit

When you feel that you can’t hardly inhale anymore and your head is still uplifted, you need to compress your lips and bite them as if you spread the lipstick along the lips surface. Now open your mouth as widely as possible and exhale as if you pronounce “PAH!” sound. Exhale completely even if you can’t pronounce any sound anymore until you be sure that there is no air anymore. Such exhalation should be long and don’t compress your lips too early. Now the tummy is blowing off slowly.

Stage 4. Breath – holding

When you release all the air, close your mouth and hold your breath. Bend yourself down a little and tone up your tummy upward under ribs. Keep your tummy indrawn and don’t inhale within 8 seconds. Remember that when you close your mouth and tone up the tummy you shouldn’t inhale additional air.

Stage 5. Inhalation

Inhale though the nose to fill up your tummy with the air. If you want to exhale at this stage, then the cycle of previous exercises were performed wrongly. For example, you made incomplete exhalation and lungs saved some air, or when you start breath holding, you inhale through the nose or mouth.

Thus, if want to inhale earlier, then do it. In fact, it won’t lead to less efficiency. Now let us make a revision: exhale (blow off your tummy), inhale (blow up your tummy) and “PAH!” exhalation (blow off your tummy). Now hold your breath and tone up the tummy under ribs, then inhale (blow up your tummy).

Now it is time to do some Bodyflex technique exercises described above!

5 Bodyflex technique exercises from Antonina Kravets

Perform each exercise 5 times running on an empty stomach after you complete 4stages of breathing (after breath – holding and tummy tone – up).

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Initial position: Stand up, the back is straight, shoulder girdle is relaxed, legs shoulder-width apart. Connect the palms and turn them to the chest. Up your hands as much as possible while you doing the exercise (there should be a straight line from the left to the right elbow).

When you hold your breath, press wrists lightly at each count.

Don’t squeeze the palms with all your strength so that chest muscles continue working. Moreover, if you apply too much strength it may lead to undesirable hands relief.



Initial position: Sit down, straighten your back and stretch your arms forward. Legs shoulder-width apart and bent in knees. Place your feet as far as possible from the body.

When you hold your breath, go down. Fix yourself at the lowest point so that you could straighten your back and inhale. Then go back to the initial position.

Your feet should be far from the body in order to make bottom press muscles work. Don’t bend your back or lift up the feet from the floor.

Inner surface of thighs

Inner surface of thighs

Initial position: Sit down, straighten your back and bend your legs in knees. Feet are connected and drawn up to the groin. Take ankles and put your elbows on the legs.

When you hold your breath go down slowly, separating legs by means of your hands and try to squeeze them to the floor. Inhale as you stop counting and go back to the initial position. Increase the tension step – by – step.

Hamstring stretching

Hamstring stretching

Initial position: Sit down and strengthen your back and legs. Connect the legs. Feet are stretched. Straighten your arms and direct them forward.

Go down as you hold your breath, saving the right bearing and try to touch the thighs with your tummy. Your back should be straight!



Initial position: Sit down and straighten your back. Place one leg in parallel with the carpet line and put the toe of the other leg on the knee. Don’t lift up the buttocks from the floor! When you hold your breath, drag yourself forward.

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