Women’s genital herpes, symptoms and treatment, exciting causes; quick getting rid of herpesvirus

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Women’s genital herpes, symptoms and treatment

symptoms and treatment

There is no sense to ask questions like: “How come you’ve picked it up?” Anyway, you are confused and feel rotten – the purpose of life seems to be lost. This certain case is absolutely quite difficult. You should not be surprised to know that there are so-called support groups, created in Western countries on purpose to help people who suffer from this malady, such as genital herpes. Unfortunately, you cannot go to USA – the main reason is your job you don’t want to lose, of course. However, please, don’t give up! PinkyCloud – ladies’ magazine will give you a support in times of need.

First of all, you should get to know as much information as possible about the affected ailment. The disease provokes Herpes Simplex Virus (there are 2 forms of the affliction). One can pick it up by means of 2 ways: as a result of sexual act with a virus carrier or a failure to comply with rules of hygiene. If you happened to touch your cold sore, then you touch your genital organs– you are in for trouble. The virus can affect genitals of both partners if there is a fever blister.

This virus reaches nerve cells close to sacral plexus through small scratches, chaps and mucous membranes of genital organs. And it stays there until better times. What does awaken it?

The principle and he most possible reason is stress, according to medics reports. Nervous tension, fits of anger and etcetera suppress the immune system which reacts by itched sores affection in the most unsuitable places.

It is notably, a person can screen out genital herpes virus for a long period. A disease may be put on ice even for years while you feel comfortable, keeping to dietary pattern and hygiene. More than that, you become a dangerous one for your partner, being a virus carrier and having no idea about this malady. Herpes appearances of skin rash are located both outside and on the neck of womb or in urethra. Therefore, if you have any doubts, it is better to use condoms.

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it is advised to refrain from sex

If the malady is in an active phase and it is visible to the naked eye, it is advised to refrain from sex as far as one can pick the virus up from a partner with explicit symptoms much more quickly. Nevertheless, a stress is not the only factor to provoke a disease; on the other hand, all the other reasons are directly connected with the immunity weakening. For instance, you have been overexposed to sun or abused alcohol had a depression or menstruation period has begun; all these reasons can be a start point for a harmful virus. Usually, the first symptoms of genital herpes take form of itch, pricking, edema or redness in and around genital organs, also on the inner thighs, buttocks. The next stage is typical vesicular appearance of skin rash, temperature and general malaise. Then, vesicles are broken and one can see small sores which disappear at all after some time.

The first recidivism proceeds in a most rough way. Then, your organism produces antibodies to this virus and the next reactivation undergoes more easily, however, it is not getting better. It should be noted the worst risk is the one you are exposed to in case of infection during pregnancy. Herpes virus may affect too much during childbirth.

So, what steps needed to be taken in order to cope with this affliction?

The only preventive measure is an assurance of a partner’s health and abidance by the rules of personal hygiene. But, if it happened to you, you can still assume some measures. You need to use Betadine first 2 hours later you had a contact with virus carrier, medics advise. The drug Betadine (candles) is introduced into the vagina; the Betadine’s solution is recommended to treat genitals and thighs regions, underbelly and buttocks. In this case, doctors can’t assure you with hundred per -cent guarantee, but a little is better than none.

assurance of a partner’s health

In case of obvious genital herpes infection and vesicles onset, you should not worry as a stress provokes reactivation and you may do a lot of harm to yourself too much. First of all you need to understand firmly the steps you do not need to take by no means.

  • Do not touch little sores. Accidentally, you may infect the other part of body, which will be looked disgustingly.
  • If you are still careful not to touch them in your sleep, prepare small protective gauze or bandage pad before going to bed. Do not use thick and synthetic fabrics – your skin have to respire in order to let vesicles dry out.
  • You don’t have to cover a sore with ointments by no means. Well, it is clearly, you will definitely start treating this ugliness with all possible means. And the first method to attract you attention would be ointments with antibiotics. But they will be useless like Vaseline and other lubricants. These wounds have to dry up; the ointments form thick membrane and do not let air to enter it. Such treatment can only do a lot of harm to you.
  • You are not allowed to have sexual contacts during acute attack of disease. And only when it gone, it is better to use condoms.
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Now, let us have a look what exactly you can do to improve your health

  • The principle step at this period is to strengthen your immune system. Try to take regular meals (excepting sweet course, rich food and alcohol), take vitamins, have enough rest and do not forget to do physical trainings. It is recommended to take special biological additives, for example “Lysine, Gerpinat”. is to strengthen your immune system
  • Try to present a smiling front to the world. Although herpes is considered to be “incurable illness”, it does not mean at all there is no drug therapy. Such medicines like Acyclovir, Panavir, Valtrex are made specially in order to overcome herpes. These ground substances can be found in pills and ointments. Keep in mind that only these special drugs may help you and do not use anything else including hormonal preparations. Hormonal ones, cortizonum in particular, do weaken your immune system, therefore, and help virus to spread.
  • For diary hygienic procedures, use soap and water; a skin needs to be clean in the affected zones so that the infection will not reach breaking wounds. After washing, you can use blow dryer – choose cool mode (it is not necessary to dry yourself with a towel).
  • It is advised to wear ordinary cotton linen, no synthetic materials!
  • In order to ease unpleasant feelings, try to wet an affected region with warm water 3 times a day – it really helps!
  • The biggest problem may occur when a person tries to ease nature…If sores are close to urethra, then the urine on the wounds can provoke unendurable itch and burning pain. You can manage this situation by using a paper tube to take a stream aside.
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Prevention measures and genital herpes treatment using home remedies

For example, between periods of recidivisms (when there are no explicit symptoms) you may back up your immune system by means of medicinal herbs. Snowdon rose, Siberian ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine and other plants are suitable for general health – improving. They are used to expand a period between exacerbations. Do not forget that such herbage may pressurize, therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor firstly. Oak’s bark, melissa, sage, walnut give dry effect. A decoction of these plants is used to wash out a skin or to add it to therapeutic baths.

treatment using home remedies

A good method is a searing with net essential oils. Geranium, cedar, lavender, tea-tree oils cover carefully your sores in a straight way. If you believe this method is quite radical one, use this stuff for compresses. Just dilute 3-4 oil drops in a glass of warm water, dip a bit of fabric in a solution and place it to the appropriate area. Such compress has antimicrobial and drying up effect and can help to pacify the virus.

In conclusion, it is important to note, nowadays, there are vaccines to prevent and treat herpes; however they cannot give you hundred-per-cent guarantee of effectiveness. Although you should apply to specialized center for a consultation in order to get a required assistance.

Anyway, it would be stupidly to do a self-treatment; moreover, it can be dangerously. Only a real doctor has a right to advise you on an adequate treatment, to help you to live with this malady, enjoying your being.

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