The new favorite among glosses YSL Gloss Volupte Extreme Shine Soft & Light Texture #202 Rose Jersey

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Hello, girls! Today I’ll  tell you about my loyal assistant to create a tender make-up – from the gloss of the brand YSL in shade Rose Jersey. I invite you to a cut!

I have long time wanted to try some shade from this range (Rossetto has very recommended  it, many thanks for the tip!). After a long trampling at the stand, I left the store with a pale pink shade.

Firstly, these shades are almost universal. Secondly, I decided that approximate to the Nude color will help me understand the level of quality of gloss (similar shades often guilty of bad behavior on the lips). And thirdly, I just wanted to pale pink gloss YSL Gloss Volupte is enclosed in a transparent tube.

The design of case combines silver and gold. For me, this is not a drawback, it looks quite nice. Lid closes with a click, I love it, I know that the gloss is securely closed and doesn’t flow out.

The applicator is worthy of special praise odes

The applicator is worthy of special praise odes. It is not just good, beautiful, and so on.  It is absolutely perfect for my lips! Soft sponge is unusual shape, which at first caused me strong concerns. It is convenient to put the shine on the lower lip by concave side, and by convex – on the upper lip. The sponge takes gloss perfectly – just exactly for one painted. And thanks to a good limiter, the neck of the tube is not spoiled. Here it is, this is a miracle:


Let’s talk directly about the gloss.

Creamy texture, is not too thin and is not too thick, it’s a golden medium. It’s not sticky practically (this is the first thing that always pushes me from the shines). Color is whitened pink with a tiny golden pollen, which can be seen in a tube and swatch, but on the lips it is not visible. A tender girlish color! I have tried to capture the golden shimmer in the tube:

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From a distance, the left – 1 layer, right – 2 layers. The intensity of the color is almost not changed,  gloss gives good coverage from the first layer.

From a distance, the left - 1 layer, right - 2 layers

Nearby:  at the top – without a flash, the bottom – with a flash. Do you see the smallest pollen?


Behavior on the lips: when it is applied by one not thin layer (you dip sponge one time) gloss behaves just perfectly for this shade! It lies down smoothly, it does not rolled  into a strip on the mucous membrane, it  practically doesn’t flow into folds (microscopic flowing can be seen only if you absolutely get close to the mirror),it doesn’t escapes outline. The second layer it is not necessary, since the intensity of color is not particularly increase, and the application will not be so uniform. To show the level of pigmentation, I attach a photo of the lips without shine:

photo of the lips without shine

Gloss is coated in 1 layer:

1 layer


I added a second layer. As you can see, things are not so bad, but there was some unevenness

Stickiness is minimal. Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer is the sample not sticky gloss. YSL is only a drop  more sticky and more dense.

Resistance is beautiful for its texture. The gloss keeps on my lips about two hours, then it gently absorbes.
Care is powerfull. Not many balms tasted by me can boast the same effect.

Smell and taste: It smells mango mango, and very natural. I love this smell, so I they often stick my  nose into the tube. There is no taste.

At the end I’ll show three half looks. I like using this shine or under “active eye” or makeup nudeNearby

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Conclusion: gloss YSL became a favorite of mine! Unobtrusive colors, excellent performance – what more could you want? I would recommend to try this line.

Rating: 5 +!

Term Test: 2 months

Price: 1200 p.

Thank you for attention!

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