My new summer cosmetic things by Urban Decay: lip gloss and eye pencil

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Hello everyone! I would like to share my impressions of the two novelties in my purse – eyeliner and lip gloss.

 Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss Ultra Nourishing Gloss Beso 

This is my second  lip gloss by  UD,  the first was in the shade Naked. I liked it so much that I ordered another, I would like brighter colors, since the  Naked is practically transparent. Except for the color, all the other characteristics are the same.

 Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss Ultra Nourishing Gloss Beso

Gloss is packed in a cardboard box beige color, the holder is smooth and golden, it feels like a metal.  There are relief letters UD on the top of the lid, the case’s bottom is transparent and visible in order you could see the color gloss which is inside. Conveniently, if you have several similar shines, it’s immediately clear where what is.  The word “ Naked”  is cut on the case. It looks high quality and beautifully. Prints are not collected and it isn’t scratched.

Lip balm has a good limiter, it gives as much product as you need for one paint. It does not flow, and it does not dirty. Sponge is very comfortable, slightly curved upwards. The volume is of 4 ml.

On the bottom there is written the name of the color.

Naked Lipgloss

This gloss is medium thickness, it’s applied and spread easily. It does not run away, it does not flow into the fold, it does not form a strip on the mucous. The smell is easy-sweet of mint, taste is practically absent. The first 5-10 minutes after application, you will feel a sense of coolness on the lips, then  the feeling goes. Stickiness is within the normal range, it’s not too strong, but we cannot tell it isn’t at all. It’s somewhere three if we consider five grade  scale. The lip balm is without shimmer, powdering dark pink color. Layering is possible, but it makes no sense to apply more than two layers – the color will not be brighter. Despite the fact that it looked like the darkest and brightest in the palette on the site, nevertheless it provides a dim shade – your lips only get better, and gloss of course. It is very comfortable to wear – it smoothes and fills all folds and wrinkles, in the process of wear, it moisturizes and nourishes, after it your lips as though after a balm. Firmness is about 3 hours, it is gradually absorbed, but the tone remains. This lip gloss survives for sure tea-drinking, but it will be necessary to upgrade after snack

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On hand:

On hand

The first time I brushed this gloss on the skin, I was scared – I thought that it would strip and flow into the folds. But no, it behaves on the lips very good and it is looked brighter.

There are two  layers on the lips.



Price: $22.62
Term test : 3 months, particularly this shade – a week
Mark: 5

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil Naked 2 Perversion/Pistol 

About the excellent quality of pencils by UD, I heard and a long time I wanted to try. I chose a double-ended  pencil,  just to get  two colors)

Urban Decay 24

Pencil is packed in a cardboard box (it can be seen on the title picture), as I have said – it is double-ended. Caps are high quality, they sit tight. Weight 0.5 grams of each color.

Perversion – is a matte jet black, very bright and saturated color.

On the other hand – Pistol, the similar shade is in one of the boxes with shadows which I really love. Actually, that’s why I chose this pencil), it is a cold gray-beige, with shimmer.

Color pencil is a little bit different from the eponymous color shades – it is brighter and darker, but the essence is the same.

Pencil is great – it is very soft, it slides over the lid easily and practically without pressing, it is very pigmented. It gives color even a slight touch, and it draws on the bare skin, and on the shadows equally good, the line can be of any thickness. You can shade it, but you have only 30 seconds after application because then it freezes firmly and remains like nailed as long as necessary.

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 Pencil is grea

More than 12 hours, I didn’t wear, but at the end of the day I wiped and everything was in perfect form. It doesn’t crack, doesn’t slide, doesn’t tarnish. You can cry, it will not be erased)

At the same time it is easily washed off micellar water or hydrophilic oil. In my opinion, this is ideal. Before I didn’t sharpened this pencil, but I think it will be easy to do because the base is plastic, not wood.

Let’s look at it?

Urban Decay 24-

On the hand, on the left it’s day light and on the right on the sun. Both shade shadows + Pistol.

The first version – is just black arrows made by  shade Perversion, there is Frisk in the fold and Skimp under the brow  (both  are from the pallet Naked Basics2). Pencil Pistol is on the lower eyelid.

And general appearance with makeup:

And general appearance with makeup

The second option – the upper eyelid is penciled by shade Pistol and  lower one by black Perversion and I muted  all by shades Pistol. The shadow Naked2 is in the fold , there is Venus under the eyebrow

It looks generally like this

Price: $ 19.5

Term Test: Week

Rating: 5+
I am very satisfied with my shopping. I’ll order for sure a couple of pencils from this brand. And I want to try a lipstick, base under the shadow and also I “put eyes” on the basis of their foundation cream, but I’m afraid to make a mistake with a color. Has anybody bought tonal cosmetics by UD?  What is the quality?

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