La roche-posay lipicar baume Ap+ Review

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La roche-posay lipicar baume Ap+ (Lipids restoring anti-irritation and anti-itching product for babies, children and adults)

Hello ladies!
It’s summer time: time of short skirts, swimsuits etc., thus we have as much open body parts as possible… Therefore we really care about smoothness of our legs and other zones skin, making it necessary to select special body care products.

La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume Ap 400ml + Free Lipikar Cleansing Oil 100ml
I selected this balm by reading online reviews. I don’t remember which characteristics were too interesting for me, but I received a little bit different product than I was waiting for. I didn’t have any requests about aroma, I just wanted it to work. You can’t call my skin dry (it’s more sensitive), but I can scratch it really hard after epilator or razor. Even in stable condition I feel constant itch. In fact, I can’t say that I have great absorbance of caring products.
Balm is located inside cylindrical jar from with plastic and equipped with pump. I really like this form of package lately. All the names stay on the jar in time and not removing. It has really thick texture with deeply white color. It goes pretty hard from the pipe due to its texture.

La roche-posay lipicar baume Ap+
Texture is more thicker during winter time, converting into soft one in summer time, facilitating use of it. It has no smell. If you try to feel it, you will notice something really medical or cosmetic.
My love to this product did not appear immediately. Since the beginning I was confused by dense texture. I had no idea, how can I use THIS to fill and moisturize my skin. Balm was distributed really hard on the skin, absorbed poorly and I was avoiding this jar. After applying you will notice some kind of “greasy” film or layer, which does not leave any stains on your clothes.
It was really hard to get used to it. I started to notice results during depilation of bikini zone and legs. My skin can’t stand against razor, but this balm reduced irritation and makes it faster. I was applying it immediately after procedure. There’s no itch anymore and my skin is stable. I can’t call its effect long lasting one, but itching was significantly reduced after bathing. I have to notice that none of previous creams was giving any result.

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It’s pretty hard to apply it on the dry skin, thus I’m always trying to apply it on wet skin immediately after bathing. In such case it’s going to be absorbed pretty fast. It shows normal reaction during summer. It does not give increased greasiness or stickiness in comparison with other creams. But it has real effectiveness.
If you have light dryness of skin or you simply need moisturizing nutrient for your body, then you need to select another cream.

I was using this balm for hands in critical situations during winter (when I noticed small wounds and ruptures from wind or cold). I was applying it in the evening before going to sleep, getting soft and less weathered skin in the morning. Sometimes I could notice that “greasy” layer or film on my skin. It was more noticeable if I put my hands under water. I have Cicaplast baume B5 in my army, which was used by me during winter time. If we try to compare them, they have similar consistence and aroma. But Cicaplast is a little bit more greasy.

Textures in comparison: upper image — Cicaplast baume B5, lower image — Lipicar bayme Ap+

La roche-posay lipicar baume Ap+

I began to apply

La roche-posay lipicar baume Ap+
That’s how skin looks under the sun in 5 minutes after Lipicar bayme Ap+.
Great disadvantage is the expiry date after opening of jar – just 6 months.
This cream have 2 types of package – 200 and 400 ml.
Period of use: 3.5 months, when it was necessary (last 3 weeks – every day on problem zones)
Rating: 4+/5-
Country of origin: France
Volume: 400 ml
Price: $41.99

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