Pleasant acquaintance with Maybelline Dream Pure, bb-cream against imperfections in the shade of “natural beige”

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And again continues my endless, tonal epic. This time I have set an aim to find means  for the summer days. The requirements for the product must meet the following: to be invisible and imperceptible, it should not clog pores, it should worthy keep at least 5 hours and cost in the range of 500 rubles. The last point – it is possible to say a position of principle. Over the years of experiments with luxury cosmetics, I completely lost sight of those significant beneficial changes that have occurred in the more affordable segment … However, we will not shy away from the topic. Meet the BB Cream from imperfections popular company Maybelline

What do we see? Cream is encased in a practical plastic tube, soft enough to squeeze out a means to the end.


The cream is served through a small hole. The long nose would be more comfortable, but such also isn’t bad.

The consistency is soft, it is almost watery, there is a feeling of the minimum of oiliness.

My tone is in the second line, but there is more light. The palette, of course, does not shine the variety, but fortunately  both colors suit me,: light with pink  – for the cold season, and natural beige – for the light tan.

The cream has a smell that is clearly felt in the process of applying. This smell …is a gouache. I love those tasteless chemical fragrances, I’m not afraid.

I apply the cream with my fingers, and it spreads easily over the skin without leaving any strips. On the problem areas, I put more layers, however, the density is still not achieved from it – and I would like to talk about in more detail.

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I have had experience with the eastern BB-cream, so confidently declare that the hero of the post does not have nearly any relation  with the classic BB Cream.  In general, European manufacturers have some kind of own understanding of the concept of BB … Here is what the makeup artist of the brand Yuri Stolyarov writes on the official website of Maybelline: “What is BB Cream?”

This is a day protective moisturizing cream with a light tinted effect. This is an excellent alternative for those who are not yet ready to use dense tonal resources. It is visually evens the complexion and at the same time caring for your skin. For skin inclined to fat content, use BB Cream Dream Pure against imperfections. Due to the content of salicylic acid, it is not only disguises imperfections, but also eliminates them, narrowing the pores and reduing the redness. There is no fat shine!

So, we do not expect of the cream the density and the reliable masking. What does it give? Indeed it is light, thin, even a semitransparent cover that allows you to make skin tone more uniform, fresh and glowing. Namely shining, because, about the matting, in this case, we do not have to talk. Here it is a drop which is distributed on the skin of the wrist.

The cream is initially wet, such it is after application, and it remains so during the wear. For someone this could be a serious argument against the use, I surprisingly easy have put up with the circumstance. Yes, I feel it a little bit when touching my face, but it’s not such stickiness which I would like to wash. The more so that it behaves on the skin surprisingly with dignity and perfectly, it never slips and falls through.  It makes less visible the redness, alas, it masks freckles weakly. And what have I wanted? This is, in fact, not a full-fledged foundation, even though BB …

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Well, we’ll see it in action? Collage “before / after”. The sun came out,  the lighting has become warmer, but the action is, I hope, clear.

Collage before after

There are more photos with the cream in different lighting conditions. I do not use the  powder for more meaningful results, even though I love “to nail” liquid means by the dry one.

Here four hours have passed. I must say, it was hot four hours! The cream did not let me down.

With flash you can see the gleam in the T-zone. But what can do, summer plus combi-skin!

A few words about its therapeutic and prophylactic properties.  I was a little bit afraid of to put on the face of salicylic acid, albeit in the scanty amount, but for a long time. I waited for the dryness and related with it recurrences … But I did not notice anything – neither bad nor good. The skin lives its own life, inflammation and comedones aren’t more, but I can not say that I have nothing to complain about. So, I think, a promise to rid of imperfections – it is  on 90% marketing move.

But in general it is a good product, with its own characteristics, but quite wearable.

Price: 350 rub.

Rating: 4

Term Test: 1.5 months

Thank you for reading!

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