Brazilian Waxing

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Brazilian waxing is a complete hair removal, by which you get rid of hair in the genital area. After the procedure, thre is only a thin strip or a selected pattern of hair on the pubic. This technique helps to get rid of all unwanted hair in the bikini area and intimate places: pubic, genital lips, buttocks.

The history of Brazilian waxing

This method has its origins in New York in 1987. Information about this innovative method became known to the world, due to seven Brazilian sisters by the name Padila. Women opened a salon in New York, where they began to do hair removal with hot wax, since it was taken in their homeland, because in Brazil revealing swimwear was very widespread. Now women and men around the world stick to this method. It is assumed that we cherish lush hair on some parts of the body, and the other we get rid of the hair in every way.

Brazilian waxing history

Those who are used to this kind of hair removal, claim that it is very convenient and hygienic. Moreover, well chosen intimate haircut can even visually improve your shape. For example, a woman with a curvy shape can reduce it visually with a haircut consisting of fine details. To emphasize the elegance of the waist large and small patterns can help. The correct color for coloring intimate hairstyles can make your skin color more beneficial. Now the most popular natural dyes: orange, red, green or blue.

Girls, who suffer from increased body hair, for example hair on the sides of the pubis on hips, coccyx and on the inside of the thighs, also recommended a Brazilian hair removal.

Pros and cons of Brazilian waxing

The main advantages:

  • The perfect smoothness is preserved for a month.
  • The cost of the procedure is not too high.
  • If you systematically remove your hair this way, the hair growth slows down significantly.
  • Allergy to wax is a rare phenomenon, which can not be said about skin irritation cause by ordinary razor blades. Cream for hair removal, too, is not good for everyone, because of its toxic components.
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Pros and cons of Brazilian waxing

The main disadvantages of this type of hair removal:

  • There is a risk that the hair will start to grow inwards, especially if the hair on your body is coarse.
  • The procedure is very painful.


  • Firstly, we must not forget that before epilation the length hair in the bikini area should be 0.5 cm. It is essential that the skin is completely clean before you begin, do not use any cream.
  • Before the epilation is required to go through a consultation with a specialist who will carry it out. During this consultation, you should give the master clear and detailed information about what result you want to obtain. In addition, it will be good to look through the catalog with different variants of hairstyles and choose the one that you most like.
  • The next stage is the inspection. Cosmetologists make sure that the patient’s body doesn’t have any scratches, the skin is not inflamed and irritated, has no fungal infections, the lymph nodes are not enlarged. If during the inspection something of the above is revealed, the hair removal should be postponed.
  • Heated to the desired temperature, the wax is applied to the area of ​​the body covered with hair. Then, on the same spot a superimposed fabric strip is put with smoothing movements. Once the wax has cooled, the strip is removed abruptly along with the unwanted hairs.
  • After most of the hair had been removed, beauticians proceed to correction. This means that the remaining individual hairs are removed with special forceps.

The result will stay for about a month, but hardly longer. After this time, you would have to visit the beautician to adjust it. The finished hairstyle can be decorated with different sequins, rhinestones, feathers, which are glued to the with a special glue. During daily showering, we must remember about the design, and do everything possible to spoil nothing and keep a beautiful hairstyle for a long time.

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Skin care after Brazilian waxing

  • It is important to care for the intimate area after hair removal properly.
  • In no case you can wear very tight underpants, you should choose other models.
  • It is not allowed to touch the skin in the bikini area immediately after depilation was conducted. This is necessary in order not to get the infection.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to bathe in the hot tub, attend a swimming pool or a sauna for at least three days after epilation. Although the pool itself is useful, you still need to give it up for a short time.
  • To avoid ingrown hairs you should stop using a washcloth.
  • After each washing give attention to the bikini area: Apply moisturizer to your skin to receive additional care and nutrition.

Skin care after Brazilian waxing

It is very important to choose the right professional for the procedure. In this case it is not desirable to trust ads in the tabloid press and dubious magazines. The best option is to find an experienced master in a good specialized salon. If there is a desire to save money on this procedure, you can try to go to cosmetic training center. There a trainee beautician, guided by the advice of an experienced specialist, will give you a Brazilian hair removal free of charge.

Brazilian hair removal at home

Those who are not confident in the decision to visit a specialized salon may try to remove hair on their own, without leaving home. Without the experience of using hot wax, most likely you will not be able to make the most complicated designs and implement intricate ideas. However, each person can remove unwanted hair.

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Brazilian hair removal at home

In order to do the depilation, you only need a special wooden applicator and cosmetic wax. Perfect, for example, is Surgi Wax for Brazilian hair removal. If you are removing a hair for the first time, the best option is to take a pill of anesthetic an hour before the procedure.

  • Cosmetic wax must be heated in a porcelain dish to a certain temperature.
  • Then the wax is gently applied to the hair that you plan to remove with a wooden applicator
  • When the applied wax hardens, it is necessary to remove the hair with one jerk. It is better not to do it slowly, because the will only hurt more, and the result will be worse.


We must not forget that there are contraindications for this method of removing undesirable hair. In no case, Brazilian waxing can be done to pregnant women or those who plan to become pregnant in the near future. By itself, the wax is non-toxic and safe for pregnant women, however, the stress of pain that accompanies the process, may affect the unborn child.Contraindications

This type of depilation is as well contraindicated for those with high blood pressure, people with diabetes, those who suffer from heart and skin cancer. This method of hair removal is prohibited if you have benign or malignant tumors in the intimate area.

It is forbidden to remove hair in the bikini area with wax in the period before and after menstruation, especially for the girls, who suffer from menstrual pain.

Each of us strives for perfection, and the Brazilian hair removal is only a small part of a perfect image. We all have our own idea of ​​beauty, so that the decision about hair removal is individual. Nevertheless, perhaps it is worth a try at least once in your life – who knows, maybe you’ll like the result, and decide to do it constantly.

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