Tom Ford Beauty Bronzer Brush Review

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Brush – decoration of fetishist’s cosmetic bag. Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05 (brush for powder and bronzer)

Some people love Leps, some do love Bieber, there are fans of George Clooney, and I’m one of the biggest fans of Tom Ford (even though he’s gay and will never accept me).
One I have found brush #5 in TF corner. My brain turned off, my eyes were full of passion, which is still with me forever.
Now my first passion is in normal state, so I can tell you if that purchase was successful …

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

  1. Looks and ergonomics

Even my husband, who doesn’t know anything about cosmetic, said that this think was looking expensive and recommended to keep it in safe place.

Brush looks really amazing. 17 cm of luxury.

Handle diameter – 2.5 cm, hair length – 5 cm.
Brush fits your hand perfectly. It has nice and solid weight: you can’t buff your muscles during make-up, but you feel great reliability of it.

Brush was tightly collected from the wool of goats. It has really soft hair, because wool was not cut, but ends naturally.

In comparison with MAC #129 bronzer brush, Tom Ford is bigger, fluffier and softer.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

  1. Advantages

1) multifunctionality: brush can be used for any type of powder, or bronzer applying, following tanning contours, or for final contour shading (including bronzers under the cheek);

2) does not fade (if we don’t keep in mind couple of hairs in the very beginning). In 6 months after daily use, this brush looks like new;

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3) very soft and ergonomic;

4) due to the size and shape make up can be applied in a pair of sweeps;

5) perfectly shades any powdered products. I will give examples in comparison with MAC129.

I generously applied dark powdery sculptor to the arm

Brush - decoration of fetishist's cosmetic bag. Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05 3

Maximum shading using TF and MAC analogue

Brush - decoration of fetishist's cosmetic bag. Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05 2


Brush - decoration of fetishist's cosmetic bag. Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05 1

  1. Disadvantages

1) too big for independent face sculpting: this brush is difficult to delineate nose, under the cheekbones, forehead. First you have to use smaller brush to apply dark powder on desired zones, following with contours shading using TF#05;

2) price.


Brush is excellent and necessary in the house, but the price bites.

I have never seen exact copy of it with smaller price, but if you can lower your requirements, you can find decent brush for less money, e.g. MUFE or Shiseido.
Tom Ford lovers will never accept copies, therefore — must have.

Period of use — 6 months
Pricearound $154.00
Rating — 5.


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