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The molecular cocktails Fusio-dose by Kerastase

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In the salons Kerastase is offered ritual Fusio-Dose for your hair, based on the application of 1 ampoule of molecular cocktail, which is chosen by specialist for your hair. These ampoule can also be ordered in a shop or bought at hairdresser for home use. In addition, a new procedure in salons Kerastase – hair restoration “Keraterm” is based on the use of these vials. About all details you can know below.

My discolored and porous hair was in quite good condition after using shampoo and care Kerastase, but they was broking very much because of discoloration and thermal styling, I could not grow them even to the usual length until the shoulders.

Therefore, my hairdresser advised me ampoules as a way to save hair from the breaking, as I can’t give up discoloration and ironing with hairdryer.

The vials make hair more compacted and they do not allow hair to break, but ATTENTION – only for a certain time – just five hair washing – exactly within this time the effect lasts from one ampoule. And though there is written in the manual – to use them in one course, with every wash, but I use them 1 time every 5 hair washing.

It is not necessary to wait for the wow effect from one ampoule, you will not see it. It makes sense to use ampoule on a regular basis to see the long-term effect – the absence of fragility and the appearance of compacted. I feel that the effect after one application – like after a good mask, no more.
After the first box of ampoules quality of my hair was noticed literally by everybody – from the family to acquaintances. They marveled by the changes – what was before, and now. Indeed, discolored to 10 tone but dense, healthy and thick hair is not often seen.

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As soon as I, satisfied with my strong and healthy hair after a year of use vials, decided to stop, everything was back to square one – hair again began to break down.

Ritual Fusio-dose in salons

I tried my first vial in the Kerastase salon, during the ritual of Fusio-dose. Master washes my hair with shampoo Kerastase, selects for you the appropriate vial and two caps to it, puts it on my hair, washes off after 5 minutes. Then the hair is dried with usual indelible Kerastase’s care and thermal protection. This procedure costs from 1500 rubles. It is much cheaper to buy these vials and do it at home, but sometimes I like to pamper myself and go to the salon – unless, of course, finances allow.

How to use ampoules

In total there are four types of vials (concentrate) as well as 4 kinds of boosters (caps). Booster is a cap, which contains the liquid. When screwing the cap to the vial, liquid of booster mixed with an ampoule.


Last – the purple vial and the cap now is available in a GOLD color. The name remains the same

The boosters 2 (caps) are added into the vial before the application.

The boosters’ colors must differ from the ampoules’ ones, i.e. you can’t add the green ampoules into the green cap, and the orange into the orange.
Ampoule – are the primary needs of the hair. Caps – secondary needs. Caps complement and reinforce the action of the vial.

Example. My favorite combination is: green vial concentrate Vita-cement (recovery) plus two booster: orange Ionium (moisturizing) and gold Substantif (sealing). So I add in restoring ampoule moisturizing and sealing effect. If I add the green vial green booster, I just throw money away

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Although my hairdresser said that for healthy hair, you can use 1 booster instead of 2 boosters, but I still do not see the point

The first year I used green ampoules + orange and golden booster. As I wrote above, it is my favorite combination. The choice fell on the green ampoules, as they are the most restorative. Really I love this mix and recommend it if your hair is killed or bleached (although, your hairdresser should pick up for the mix of vials and caps, but first you must make sure that your master is well trained and knows his stuff). One box of ampoules (15pcs), and two boxes of booster packs (15 pieces in a box), it was enough for me for about a year.

The molecular cocktails Fusio-dose by Kerastase..files 2

The following year, hairdresser offered to alternate green vials with orange, that is to alternate with moisture and recovery. I added gold and green boosters to orange ampoules.

The molecular cocktails Fusio-dose by Kerastase..files 1

After applying the ampoules, it’s necessary to wait 5 minutes and then wash it. Mask and balsam are no longer needed.

Since my hair is medium density and long, it’s enough for me half or 2/3 of the ampoule.I pour off this part into the empty vial and add to it 2 boosters.


One box of vials (15 pieces), and two boxes of boosters it cost me about 80 USD. It was enough approximately for 9-11 months (I wash my hair every 2-3 days)

As I wrote – after a year of continuous use of cocktails I, deciding that my hair is ideal, gave up using sharply. A month later my hair again became fragile and I lost virtually half the length and density. Now I renew apply them, so I do not see the point to upload photos of hair.

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I think that these cocktails are the most powerful means of all that now is on the market, which strengthens the hair (consider don’t let them to break).

Now salons offer a new restoring ritual -Keraterm. Price about 5 thousand of rub.

First the orange vial with the orange cap is applied on the hair and fixed by “special “ hair iron and then above the green ampoule with green cap and again fixed by iron. It is hold within 10 minutes and washed off.

Promised effect is healthy and restoring hair for 1 month. I felt the effect of only a couple of weeks. My hair was thick, shiny, practically ceased to be twisted and fluffy.




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