How to cure your sore throat

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If you have pain in your throat, it’s difficult for you to swallow and speak, you have joint aches and the thermometer shows 38-39 C, you probably have a sore throat. In low seasons it’s easy to catch it, but what is the best and right way to cure it? We all want to take a few medicines and get up a healthy person in the morning. Unfortunately, a sore throat can’t be cured so quickly.

What sort of disease is it?

Doctors usually call it tonsillitis. It’s an inflammatory process in the tonsils and the throat, often goes together with abscesses. In this case tonsils act as a local, immune barrier for different kinds of infections. When bacteria attack them, tonsils protect our body and don’t let them in, but due to this they inflamed and get abscesses.

Doctors usually call it tonsillitis

We usually get a sore throat under certain circumstances – when we get a pathogenic germ together with a weakened immune system. A source of infection can be sick people with a scarlet fever, but we more often get a sore throat due to the microflora in our own mouth. If you become too cold or get your feet wet, drink a glass of cold water or sit near the air-conditioner for a long time, the chance of getting tonsillitis increases greatly. Bacteria begin to multiply in cavities, sinuses of your nose and in your throat.

Tonsillitis is a very unpleasant thing. Pain in your throat doesn’t let you eat properly, fever and body pain don’t let you work. If you cure it in a wrong way or don’t stay in bed, you can get complications and further problems with your vital organs – cardiac valve, kidneys or joints.

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If you don’t complete the treatment, it can turn into a chronic illness which will remind you of itself every time you catch a cold. That’s why it’s important to cure tonsillitis properly.


First of all, don’t pose a hero and try to cure it in a hurry. It’s a disease during which you should stay in bed. Besides, having a sore throat you feel badly enough and can’t work properly, but defiantly infect people round you. That’s why you’d better take a sick leave or at least 3-5 days off and spend this time on a comprehensive treatment.

Firstly, when you still have a high temperature, feel weak and badly, you should stay in bed in a separate room away from other people. As tonsillitis is a very infectious disease, especially for small children and old people.


Take your personal towel and a set of dishes, keep your toothbrush away from your other family members’ and change it after your recovery. Change your pajamas and bedclothes as often as possible as you sweat while having a fever and your body should stay clean.

By the way, if you have fever, it’s a good sign. It means that your body fights the infection actively. If your temperature doesn’t raise 39 C and you can stand it, you’d better not take antipyretics. High temperature causes the death of bacteria and you can cure your sore throat much more quickly. Then you don’t have to take antibiotics and can use only local treatment.

But if you have a sharp pain in your throat with abscesses on your tonsils and the temperature is low (it can also happen), it means the body can’t fight the infection and the infection can spread into other organs. In such a case you have to take antibiotics, but they should be prescribed during your doctor’s home visit.

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Moreover, antibiotics can be necessary for the sore throat treatment if you have any heart problems, diabetes, chronicle endocrine disease, pyelonephritis or urolithiasis.

You’d better not buy antibiotic on your own even if you have already had tonsillitis and the very medicine has helped you. As for the sore throat treatment bacteria can become antibiotic-resistant. So you need to change them from time to time and choose more properly. Besides, many antibiotics have some side effects which can have a rather negative effect on your health – cause indigestion or earache.

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