A diet for people with pancreas inflammation

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Pancreas plays an essential role – it is responsible for generation of digestions ferments and insuline. An inflammation of pancreas (pancreatitis) can lead to severe problems for your body. To make this body part work stable is possible with the use of well planned diet. Today our article will describe which diet is good for people with pancreatitis.

Healthy eating principles

Split meals

Split meals work best in case of pancreatitis. Divide your meals into 5-6 small portions (you should avoid not eating too much). Creamed food is preferable as it does not irritate your stomach mucous(the inside sensitive layer of your stomach). Your everyday ration should contain enough amount of proteins (140-160 g) and minimal amount of fats (60-80g). It is also recommended to eat less carbohydrates. Any food which can stimulate digestive juice generation should be avoided (these are the meat broth, cabbage pot liquor and others). During your condition flare up it is better to not eat for about 1-2 days. At anytime you should not eat or drink too hot or too cold food.

A diet list to follow if you have pancreas inflammation

  • stale white bread
  • soup prepared with diluted vegetable or chicken broth
  • lean meats and the kind of food made of them (souffle, dumplings, meat balls and others)
  • fish (from the sea or river)
  • steamed scrambled eggs
  • any product made of lower fat milk
  • non salted butter (in limited amount)
  • refined oil
  • meals made of vegetables (always grate raw vegetables)
  • baked apples or pears
  • pasta and groats
  • compotes, jellies and other drinks (watery tea, bran or rose hip herbal tea and others)
  • jelly
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Prohibited food:

Prohibited food

  • thick meat and fish broth
  • millet and any meal made of it
  • fatty types of poultry meat and fish
  • any types of roasted and spicy food
  • saturated fats (lamb, beef)
  • radish, garden radish, cabbage, turnip, swede, sorrel and spinach
  • pastry and black bread
  • sausages, canned and smoked food
  • alcohol
  • ice-cream.

Sample menu for people with pancreas inflammation

Suggestion 1

  • First breakfast: mashed potatoes and watery tea with loaf of a day-old white bread.
  • Second breakfast: steamed chicken burger with scrambled eggs, loaf of a day-old white bread and a glass of skimmed milk.
  • Lunch: soup made of watery chicken broth and a serving of boiled fish with steamed vegetable marrow, loaf of a day-old white bread, a handfull of raisins and some compote.
  • Afternoon tea: fruit jelly and some kissel.
  • Supper: steamed beef burger, porridge, mashed carrots, watery tea with milk.

Sample menu1

Suggestion 2

On an empty stomach in the morning drink some rose hips watery pot liquor.

First breakfast: porridge with a slice of boiled and minced meat, beet salad and watery tea.

Second breakfast: steamed scrambled eggs, rose hips herbal tea.

Lunch: milk soup, mashed potatoes with boiled meat and dried fruit compote.

Afternoon meal: skimmed milk soft cheese pudding and watery tea.

Supper: stewed potatoes and vegetable marrow, some kefir.

You can eat this amount of certain food during the day: 200 g of bread; 20 g of butter; 30 g of sugar

Doctor’s comments

Doctor's comments

Keeping a diet will help make your pancreas condition stable. Please contact your doctor to get more detailed instructions on healthy eating during your condition flare up.

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